Stop at the production activity in response to the coronavirus emergency

Lorenzo Delladio announces the closure of the company headquarters due to a sense of responsibility towards his employees and the entire community: “we must all do our part”

Today La Sportiva has launched drastic measures aimed at containig the coronavirus epidemic.  A few hours ago Lorenzo Delladio, CEO & Presidente of the company spoke to his employees communicating the closure of the Ziano di Fiemme headquarters, including the production site.  


“We are facin a new and unexplored situation:

Day by day we have taken precautionary measures provided by Government regulations. Just yesterday we approved an extraordinary internal measure that was to start on Monday, to limit the number of people working at the same time in the same departments by dividing the staff into two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In addition, the application of smart working wherever possible and the closure of La Sportiva branded stores in Italy.  

The speech given last night by the President of the Council of Ministers tightened the restrictions for the entire Country, but at the same time, required production activities to continue. Even if on the one hand I can share this approach, the health of our employees is worth more than anything else to me and that is why, going beyond the Central Government's instructions, I decided to stop also the production activity from tomorrow morning until April 3. All these measures will have important negative consequences for all of us: in terms of turnover, market presence, finance and personal sacrifices, but we are sure this is what we have to do in order to start again with more motivation once this emergency is over. Clearly, if this determination of mine is not followed by my fellow entrepreneurs and, above all, by the central policy of Rome, all these efforts will have only a little effect. 

I therefore hope that this choice will convince everyone that this is the only possible way out of this together. 


Even at home, let us all stick to the rules that have been given to us for the good of the community and not to make the effort we are making in vain. Sense of responsibility for ourselves and for others.

United though divided, we will climb this summit." 


Lorenzo Delladio, CEO and President


About La Sportiva

La Sportiva is the Trentino company, world leader in the production of climbing shoes and boots for high mountains. Founded in 1928 by the shoemaker of Tesero (TN) Narciso Delladio and made famous all over the world by Francesco Delladio, it is still 100% owned by the Delladio family.  The company is based in Ziano di Fiemme at the foot of the Dolomites and operates in the outdoor footwear for over 90 years with the aim of providing the best possible products for mountain enthusiasts the world over . The range of products, in fact, includes hiking boots, high altitude and Himalayan expedition boots, climbing shoes and mountain running shoes. The company has also entered the ski mountaineering boots sector and the technical winter and summer clothing market, thanks to innovative products made with the best technologies and materials available on the market. La Sportiva, whose main production site is located in Ziano di Fiemme outside the large Italian shoe manufacturing districts, is distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide.


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