La Sportiva: record-breaking innovations at the 2016 OutDoor trade fair

The OutDoor trade fair in Friedrichshafen will be an opportunity for La Sportiva to continue to tell his long history of passion, innovation and constant challenges.

Traverse X Collection: La Sportiva introduces a new range called “UP” comprising clothing dedicated to the world of climbing in its most boulder oriented version and lifestyle,  a capsule collection that focusing on technical garments for use at the crag and on multi-pitch routes: abrasion resistant, breathable fabrics with abrasion resistant protective details and ultimate comfort: each detail is designed to be functional and to provide an aesthetic impact, identifiable with the climbing society.  The aesthetics recall the concept of vertical geometry summarized in  the keyword “Vertric”, a concept permeating all the items in the new collection. Mountain Hiking Collection: The “FAST” collection,  featuring technical items dedicated to the world of trail running in all its declinations (race and performance) now sees the addition of a complete line of clothing dedicated to Mountain Hiking: ideal for hiking and walking in the mountains in all seasons. FOOTWEAR Important innovations and new variations in each product category: climbing, mountain running, mountaineering, approach and hiking, as well as the introduction of a brand new line for kids LaspoKids, supported by the creation of the LaspoBoy e LaspoGirl characters  who accompany the children in their adventures in the mountains through an exciting comic book and dedicated cartoons. LASPOKID
is the La Sportiva line dedicated to kids who love the mountains and the outdoors helping to encourage their passion through a line of footwear created to stimulate the natural physical and mental growth of the child thanks to a series of elements and solutions that promote freedom, proprioception, interaction with the environment and “sensorial comfort”.

FLASH, GRIPIT  and SCOUT; running, climbing and trekking: 3 products for 3 of the most exciting moments of the day’s in the company of  LaspoBoy and  LaspoGirl:  the friendly characters with the super powers of their shoes and who guide us on a discovery of nature and mountain sports. Will LaspoBoy be able to reach the summit by following Adam’s teachings? Will LaspoGirl succeed in discovering the beauty of nature and the secrets of the forest? We’ll find out in the comic included in the packaging.  And online the adventure continues with LaspoKid Cartoons. LaspoBoy: Max is a shy child but he is strong and energetic and loves to play outdoors with his friends, although he is afraid of heights. Thanks to his pair of La Sportiva boots, he manages to overcome his fears and discover the secrets of climbing by learning from his elders. LaspoGirl: Eva is an introvert: she spends her time reading and daydreaming.  She is very bright although she fears comparison with other children of her own age…but as soon as she puts on her La Sportiva shoes her fear disappears and  she has fun playing and challenging her friends in running and climbing activities as they discover new aspects of the mountains. CLIMBING
La Sportiva celebrates the 20th anniversary of the famous Miura model and with a special signed edition the company has decided to dedicate Miura XX to living legend climber Adam Ondra.
The revisited Mythos model (a climbing legend in its own rights) moves instead towards the concept of eco-sustainability, thanks to the new  Mythos Eco edition which uses 95% recycled materials and recyclable components, a revolution in climbing.
Finally, there is a new entry in the No-Edge category thanks to the insertion of Maverink, a shoe for the newcomer to the sport that can be customized in aesthetics thanks to the two markers included in the package, another first in the world of climbing. 

After the insertion of the Akasha boot in 2016, a shoe dedicated to endurance racing, here comes the development of models dedicated to Ultra Trail racing with the insertion of Akyra, which joins Akasha and UltraRaptor and whose aesthetics recalls the art of Japanese origami and introduces new technical concepts and a new sole package. MOUNTAINEERING
La Sportiva introduces two key innovations to the mountain boot range: Trango Tower Gore-Tex is the latest addition to the Trango line dedicated to the world of backpacking and excursions in the high mountains. This is an evolution of the Trango S Evo model with a new, super light sole package and uppers made with the exclusive, abrasion resistant fabric  Combo-Guard. The boot dedicated to mountaineering expeditions is instead the boot with the dual G5 shell, with a carbon footbed and  which uses the BOA Quick Lacing System.
La Sportiva’s  expansion of the Mountain Hiking range continues with boots using the Gore-tex Surround technology, now applied to leather models such as Nucleo GTX (high cut) and Genesis GTX (low cut) that alongside the much appreciated, breathable  Nano-cells  proposed on previous models, now combine with leather for mountain enthusiasts who prefer a more tradition look without compromising technology and the benefits of the Gore-Tex Surround membrane that guarantees a 360° breathable product.