For the seventh year running, Klättercentret in cooperation with La Sportiva proudly present the La Sportiva Legends Only

Everything is ready for the most challenging boulder competition of the year: the “girls-only” edition of this year will see the strongest female boulderers in the world fight for the title. But more news will make this challenge even more exciting!

La Sportiva, main and title sponsor of this event since its humble beginnings back in 2011, continues to build and refine it together with the Klättercentret staff in order to make this boulder experience always more and more challenging.

The legendary bouldering competition will take place for the seventh time at the stunning gym in Stockholm, Sweden next Saturday 25th November and will see as protagonists six of the best female boulderers in the World competing on five tricky and super hard problems made up by a squad of talented route setters.
But this year we have added yet another twist: previously the athletes were given a chance to work on all the problems for a couple of hours two days before the actual competition, making it possible to set considerably harder and more spectacular challenges compared to the World Cup or World Championships.

Now they will only be allowed to try four of them, and the fifth will be kept secret until the final stage of the competition… so stay tuned and grab a ticket for being in the front row next Saturday, or check online the La Sportiva Facebook page for the live streaming! 

The line up
Shauna Coxsey, UK
Petra Klingler, Switzerland
Staša Gejo, Serbia
Katja Kadić, Slovenia
Fanny Gibert, FRA
Mélissa Le Nevé, FRA

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