La Sportiva hiking weekend

At the end of the mountain hiking draw promoted by La Sportiva last spring, the lucky winners joined the La Spo team for a two-day outdoor experience in the Italian Dolomites.

To them, it was enough to put a small check mark after purchasing on the website to win two unforgettable days in Val di Fiemme.
The time of a click, and John and David, both from UK but now residing respectively in Slovenia and Germany, have come to prepare their luggage for Italy, for living an unforgettable outdoor experience in the Dolomites with La Sportiva staff,

I love mountain hiking and take most opportunities that present themselves to go on trips like this.” Said us David about his decision to enter the draw “ I also have never been to Val di Fiemme before and thought it would be the perfect chance for me to sample this area and go hiking in a part of Europe where I have not been to before

Once arrived in Val di Fiemme and being warmly welcome at the company head quarter, the lucky winners took part to a tour of the factory where the biggest part of La Sportiva’s climbing shoes and mountain boots come to life.

Being able to see first hand how La Sportiva makes shoes was one eye opening experience. I never knew how much love and passion went into not only the design but the manufacturing and marketing.” Told us John “ Being able to see how each pair of shoes is lovingly hand made by a team of essentially brand advocates, in the heart of the Fiemme Valley brought something to the perception of La Sportiva that I never expected. The love and loyalty of the team at La Sportiva was inspiring. It made me want to lace up my boots and head out to the mountains.”

With this feeling flowing in the feets and the new Trango Tower boots on, the crew has left for the mountains discovering two different spots in the heart of the Dolomites, World Heritage Site since 2010.

The first day’s programm was a tour of Passo Rolle, a travel through the most beautiful panoramas underneath the Cimon della Pala and the warfare history of the First World War, here fighten from 1915 to 1916 and where is still possible find trenches and old military appostations.

The second day, instead, the the LaSpo fellowship moved to the Latemar Massif, with the aim of reaching the famous dolomitic “Torre di Pisa” a 20-meter-high leaning pinnacle which looks like the famous leaning tower of the Italian cathedral. From this peak, located at 2671 Meters a.s.l., the group has enjoyed an incomparable sight on Catinaccio group and Marmolada, Costalunga slope and the famous Carezza Lake-Karersee, laying at the foot of Latemar group.

During the entire experience, John and David got the chance to try the newest La Sportiva mountain hiking products on the field where they were born and were they were tested.

One of the most interesting things is that spending only a couple of days in the mountains with a small team from La Sportiva and the other competition winners, we formed a special bond of camaraderie and respect for each other. Something only a solid team foundation from La Sportiva and the challenges of being in the mountains can produce. It was special!”


“Before the trip I thought it might be uncomfortable to be together with a group of people who I did not know and might not like. It turned out the opposite I can honestly say. There was nothing I did not like about the weekend.”


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