La Sportiva Climb in GYM Tour: The Test&Feel event in 15 European Countries!

The new european Test & Feel Tour organized by La Sportiva will take place this year in 61 of the most famous climbing gyms across Europe. It will be your first chance to discover the latest La Sportiva news in climbing shoes: Kataki, Maverink and all the no-edge series.

What is Climb-In-Gym Tour?
For the second year in a row, La Sportiva promotes this “Test & Feel” demo tour all over Europe, with a total amount of 61 dates in 15 countries: the already well known Italy, Austria, Germany, England, France, Netherlands and Belgium, and the new entry for the 2017 Russia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Svizerland, Finland, Sweden e Norway.
Our special guest? Adam Ondra! The Czech La Sportiva ambassador, which has just saw his personal climbing shoe “Miura XX” launched on the market, will be present for a special climbing night at the Baberg stage (DEU), on the 4th of April.

Aside for the impessive number of dates and the special participation of Adam Ondra, Climb-in-GYM Tour won’t be a normal shoe test, not really.

Dedication is the cornerstone with which La Sportiva has always been committed its “Test&Feel Tour” and every pair of shoes which are coming out the production chain. We’ve decided to give the opportunity to the largest number of people to test the different features which characterized our passion since 1928, when the first pair of shoes were made. The innovation has driven us to dream bigger generation after generation to the first European Tour.

The technical contents of each individual La Sportiva model is the result of extensive research and development which comes from the constant exchange of information between La Sportiva and the best international climbers. The different construction techniques, technology and technical details are honed during field testing, making each product unique.
The collection also offers a different model for each style and climbing techniques thanks to the various construction systems, fit and fastenings. It is the DNA of the shoes: innovation, sensitivity and precision; and in each climber’s DNA: passion, genius and a touch of madness. Putting all this into a winning product is the challenge we have taken on for the past 80 years.

Climbing Walls are the starting point of a normal climber. Everything starts from there. It’s the simulation of the reality that there’s outside and the place where future climbers are imprinted with the first educational steps of what they are going to find outdoor.

This is why La Sportiva will offer to all the climbing lovers 61 opportunities for testing the latest new products from the La Sportiva world, starting form the new S-Heel technology climbing shoes “Kataki”, the versatile and high performance shoe designed for outdoor use at the crag, together with its “older sisters” Skwama and Otaki and the well known No-Edge line with its models Futura and Genius.

A special mention goes to the new entry for 2017 dedicated to young climbers and beginners, Maverink: this climbing shoe with No-Edge technology is particularly suitable to enhance sensitivity on holds, is fully customizable in eastethics through the markers included in packaging.

From the the 18th of February to th 25th of April, don’t loose the chance to join the La Sportiva team for one of the stages of the second, sensational european climb-in-gym tour!

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Official Hashtag: #climbingym

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