La Sportiva mountain runner Giulia Amadori brings us in Liguria on her favorite training tracks

In the Alps may be still winter but not in Liguria, where the spring has already blossomed: together with La Sportiva ambassador Giulia Amadori, let's go to the discover of the perfect five training tracks around the amazing scenery of this Italian region.

Waiting for Sciacchetrail, the iconic race of Cinque Terre that will take place next March 24th, we start warming up together with the home athlete and La Sportiva ambassador Giulia Amadori.
Giulia, born in 1981 and 100% Ligurian, takes us on her favourite training tracks, which are mainly based in the nearby of her town, Rapallo, and which differ both in terms of length and technicality .


5 Campanili
Starting from the small square of Zoagli, this track touches five small villages scattered along the Semorile valley, a difficult and harsh territory that offers exceptional views of Rapallo, Portofino, and the entire Golfo di Tigullio. From the centre of the village, the asphalt quickly gives way to the typical Ligurian creuze (mule track), giving life to a tough track characterized by a succession of steep climbs and as many descents, obviously relatively short. For those who don’t dare to do it running, this route is extremely beautiful to do even as a trek, as it is little known and crowded. Thanks to its ring structure, is possible to return to the start point without ever having to retrace your steps.
distance: 11 km
difference in height +/-: 340 meters

Marina trail
With start and arrival points in the centre of Lavagna, this track has become in the last three years a proper Trail Race, which in the month of March (just a few days from the SciaccheTrail) brings in the area many fans and newcomers of the discipline. On the 21 km of development, in fact, there are not many technical passages but mainly narrow paths that climb along the Ligurian hills, offering from the first to the last meter unique landscapes, between glimpses of sea and Mediterranean Macchia. After the first ascent of about 650 meters, you stay on the mountain’s ridge before starting the descent to Sant 'Anna. After crossing Cavi Borgo you go up for the last time before the final descent to Lavagna, from where you started. Even if the different in height is not too tough, the steep slopes and the intense climbs, make sure that this path never leaves room for boredom.
distance: 21 km
difference in height +/-: 690 meters

Sestri Lavante - Moneglia
A beautiful route that allows, starting from the town of Sestri Levante, to skirt the Ligurian Sea up to Moneglia for 15, easy-to-run kilometers. The first part of the route leads to Punta Manara (140 meters), a promontory that stretches out in the Gulf of Tigulio, before descending again to the sea in the center of Riva Trigoso. Another ascent leads to Monte Moneglia, at an altitude of 521m, from where you start the final descent to the village along steep and narrow paths.
I always suggest avoiding this track in the warmer months of the year especially in the central hours. Do this at night with the fronts, instead, is simply wonderful! Once in Moneglia you can take the train to get back to Sestri Levante in a very short time.
distance: 15,5 km
difference in height +/-: 360 meters

For me this is the classic ride I do during the week to keep me always active, because I can do it easily starting from home. With a total length of just over ten kilometers, the Montallegro tour is a ring that starts from Rapallo with a steep and pretty hard climb due to the numerous stairways, which leads to the beautiful Nostra Signora di Montallegro sanctuary, where the view on the gulf is definitely beautiful. From here you can descend on an alternative path among the cobblestones of the Via dei pellegrini, getting back to the start.
distance: 10.6 km
difference in height +/-: 589 meters

Mount Zatta ring
This route, certainly less known than the previous ones, differs mainly due to the difference in altitude, which is about 800mt, and because it is the only one to wind its way entirely in the Ligurian hinterland, starting from the town of Arzeno. From here, go up towards Mount Biscia where it begins a beautiful plateau that leads to the nearby Chiappozzo mountain. From here, the first descent starts along a small valet that ends in a shaded forest, and ideal to refresh before the climb to Mount Zatta, which with its 1,404 meters is an Apennine watershed between the Valle del Taro, the Valle Graveglia and the Val di Vara. From here, proceeding along the ridge you will reach a little chapel, after which will start the descent, backing to the starting point. The track does not present any technical difficulty and it is all easy-to-run.
distance: 22 km
difference in height +/-: 800 meters

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