The winter is coming: it's time to get back training in gym

and to each climber, here we are with the perfect climbing shoe:

Maybe because of the end of October, the Daylight Saving Time, the beginning of November or the first snow on the peaks. For one reason or another, like it or not, the outdoor climbing season is for many of us come to an end.
When reaching the cliff after work is a real challenge, and your favorite climbing shoes are also being severly tried by the a drastic drop in temperatures, then it’s time to change, getting ready for this upcoming winter as best as we can.

Some climbers choose to chase the last days of summer by moving to warmer lands, some others choose to store their gear into a closet until the next spring, and than there are those who decides to move from outdoor to indoor and ge tback to the gym, surely warmer than our beloved cliff.
Climbing gym is the perfect place for all those climbers who do not want to give up training even in the coldest months, but to deal with it there are some small trick to pay attention. First of all, choosing the right climbing shoes.


For all the newcomers to the vertical world, the key word is "comfort". For the beginner, La Sportiva offers Oxygym, first climbing shoe made from a totally breathable and washable fabric designed especially for long use indoor. And Cobra, the sensitive and sticky slipper, quick to put on and with and exclusive comfort, this year produced in four exclusive color version.


If you are one of those able to set foot on the tiny footholds of the gym’s most difficult lines, in your essentials kit can not miss precise climbign shoes, worn some numbers smaller than usual, aggressive and istintive just like the climber style the stocking. In this case, the proof comes directly from the field. Adam Ondra, the Czech world champion, choses Python for many of his performances in the structure. Te sensitive, snug fitting slipper with Velcro straps developed specifically for competitions and artificial walls, provide secure positioning during delicate heel hooks. Stefano Ghisolfi on the other hand, seems like he doesn’t compeete as best of his efforts without his no-edge climbing shoes. Precise, without traditional edge, sensitive and with lacing Fast Lacing System, those who choose Futura choose the no-edge fast, accurate and easy to pull on.


Giving up ropes and harnesses, those who go to the gym for bouldering, gives 100% to the flash performance. A concetrate of power, strength, precision and imagination in order to reach more and more difficult "Top". To grab the footholds even where there is nothing to grab around, everything you need is a sharp shoes, extremely precise and high-performance: Miura VS and Solution are the perfect fellows for your boulder session. Developed specifically for bouldering, the Solution is the climbing shoe choosed by La Sportiva ambassador Nalle Hukkataival to solve his first 9 a "problem".

All around:

For all those who like to test and experiment everything, passing form one route to another, to a boulder session, we recommend shoes up for anything, versatile and with a good grip, that mix classical edge with non-edge giving the chance to climb each line in an intuitive way: we’re talking about Skwama, the climbing shoe designed to guide the climber into the “next level”, sensitive, snug fitting, flexible and perfect for use on overhangs and slabs.
“Brilliant", however, is the solution represented by Genius , the no-edge climbing shoe that uniquely combines the sensitivity and performance of the “no-edge” technology to the comfort, precision and volume adaptability of lace-up models.

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