FAQ about Covid-19 La Sportiva E-commerce Measures

Here all the answers about La Sportiva® measures during this period. Customer service, shipping, delivery, returns #StayHome

FAQ Stratos Mask

When will the SM be available? Can I pre-order it or buy it online?

The Stratos Mask, with 30 disposable filters included, is available here until stocks are exhausted.

How much does the SM cost?

The Stratos Mask, with 30 disposable filters included, is sold for € 19.00. The Stratos Mask Filters, are sold in a pack of 90 filters, for € 9.90.

How to choose the right SM size?

To choose the right size, please consult the size guide.

Is the SM a certified mask? If so, which certifications does it have?

The Stratos Mask is not to be considered a medical device. The filter meets EN ISO 14683: 2019 (TYPE II) standards and the fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified. You can find more information on the materials used here.

Can the SM be customized or purchased for employees of my company?

It is possible to customize the colour of the Stratos Mask only for orders greater than 1000 pieces. For more information contact the Sales department.

Are your local stores closed and until when?

La Sportiva stores are regularly open.

Will employees be paid during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Of course, regularly

Can I still buy online?

Yes, our web store is open

Can I order online and receive it later?

The online store proceeds normally right now we don’t give this option, delivery time depends on restrictions due to COVID from country to country

Is there free shipping while stores are closed?

Yes, we offer free shipping for buying over 180 euro

Missing returns because the store is closed. What should I do?

Wait until local stores will re-open, the return is possible if you bought on-line

Is your customer service available?

Yes, our customer service is still available, please visit this page for more information.