Which is the La Sportiva environmental policy?

La Sportiva has been operating for over 80 years in the environmentally fascinating region of the Val di Fiemme, a valley situated at the foothills of the Dolomites. Such a location fosters a strong sense of responsibility for both social and environmental issues. Discover all our eco-friendly solutions and program on the “environmental care” section of our web-site.

Is there any certification of the La Sportiva supply chain?

From 2012 on La Sportiva has become an official Bluesign® member producing as well Bluesign® products. To get more info about our supply chain please click on “bluesign memebership”.

Is there any chance to work for La Sportiva?

Please check the “work with us section”.

Get more info on La Sportiva products:

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Where can I get more info on the La Sportiva size chart?

Please note that as La Sportiva is selling technical products for specific outdoor activities, we always suggest to carefully try on any of our products before buying them.
If this is not possible, we have to inform you that the correct size choice can change from style to style, even if they have exactly the same length in terms of cm/inch, depending on your foot features, internal volumes of the footwear and the many different last that La Sportiva uses in the shoe manufacturing process. We recommend you to use the same approach in choosing products from our apparel collection.

How do you determine the weight of your shoes and apparel?

We weigh our shoes in half pair, sample size Men's 42 (US 9) and Women's 38 (US 7).
Apparel weights is defined from our salesman samples in S/M for Women styles, in M/L size for Men.

Will La Sportiva sell split pairs or single shoes?

No, La Sportiva does not sell single shoes.

Which crampons do you recommend for my boots?

We are not technical equipment and hardware producers so we are not able to suggest you specific brands and products to use with La Sportiva boots: hardware and technical equipment are constantly evolving and improving so we suggest you to ask for information to your local dealer.

If you are not going to purchase your crampons and technical equipment by an outdoor shop with the proper help from the shop’ staff, we suggest you to buy crampons and technical equipment only after having tried and possibly tested it.

On La Sportiva website you can find very detailed product sheets in which you can discover if our styles are full/half crampon compatible or not.

Are my inner-boots and liners thermo-moldable?

Generally yes, please go through the thermos-form instructions here below but please note that La Sportiva always recommends that you take them to a knowledgeable boot fitter or to your local dealer.

PDF thermos-form skiboots

PDF thermos-form boots

Does La Sportiva rate the temperature for mountaineering boots?

No, temperature ratings are extremely difficult to quantify due to uncontrollable variables in the end user. On La Sportiva website you can find product sheets in which we prefer to give you a suggested use of the boot, not depending on outside temperatures.

Are your products vegan?

Although La Sportiva is worldy recognized for his long lasting and high performing climbing and mountaineering boots, we propose in our products range many shoes and apparel styles which haven’t any animal’s component and so adapt for vegan customers.

CLIMBING: washable models (Hydrogym, Oxygym, Nitrogym)
MOUNTAIN: Olympus Evo, Batura 2.0
APPROACH: Scratch, Xplorer, TX2, TX3
MOUNTAIN HIKING: all models except Surrond in leather
KIDS: all models except climbing shoes
Unfortunately the only climbing models which is perfect for vegan customers are for beginner.
We are perfectly aware of the vegan needs but using synthetic material nowadays we are not able to guarantee the same high level of performance like we are able to guarantee with leather based products.

All our garments are free of any animal’s component except the merino wool based products and the goose down certified products (EU standard en 12934 & en 12935). Please check the product tech info or the garments’ hangtags to properly check it out.

Are La Sportiva products covered by Warranty?

All the products we manufacture are covered under a Warranty. This warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear, improper use, or improper care. There is no implied life span of a shoe, due to the variables that can affect footwear.
La Sportiva’s Warranty does not extend to any La Sportiva® product that has been resoled, repaired or otherwise modified. Only original La Sportiva® materials and workmanship are covered under Warranty.
Please notice that if you have any problem with your product, as our usual procedure, we don’t have the possibility to accept claims from final Customers. We can only advise you to turn directly to the shop where you bought the article (please remember the receipt), so that they can make a proper evaluation and decide whether to forward a claim request.
In case the product is not covered under Warranty, it will be possible to repair it charging all the costs to the end user. Damages due to normal wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable price.

Download del pdf warranty booklet

How do I extend the life of my La Sportiva footwear?

Keep your shoes and boots out of extreme temperatures. Never leave your shoes in the trunk of a hot car or in the direct sunlight. If your shoes get wet, allow to air dry and do not use a heat source. Make sure to clean your shoes/boots after each use and re-treat as needed. Store footwear in a cool, dry location.

Download del pdf warranty booklet

Which products does La Sportiva recommend for a proper waterproof treatment of the boots?

For general purpose waterproofing, we suggest Nikwax Aqueous Wax as this performs the best. Re-apply this product as necessary or after every use in severe conditions.

Download del pdf warranty booklet

How can I take care of my leather lining boots?

Wipe out the boots with a damp cloth after every use. Failure to condition the leather lining may void the warranty on the boots. If the lining is not maintained properly, dirt and salt from sweaty feet will pass into the lining and reduce the life expectancy of your boots. The salt from your sweat dries out the leather lining and causes it to deteriorate rapidly.

Where do I send my shoes for repair or resole?

La Sportiva provides a list of authorized resolers that you can contact for this kind of services: Link resolers

Where can I purchase La Sportiva products?

La Sportiva products can be purchased on our web-store section or through any of our authorized dealers, please click here to find a dealer near you.Dealer locator

I have a problem with the La Sportiva products that I purchased from an authorized La Sportiva dealer. Who can I contact?

If you have got a La Sportiva product that you think should be considered for warranty, please return your shoes to the store where were you purchased from, to get proper assistance.
To complete this phase, you must show your receipt to your dealer.
If you got your La Sportiva products from our on-line store, please click on the after care area.

How can I get a La Sportiva Stickers?

We appreciate your loyalty to the brand but stickers are not saleable items, please find them at La Sportiva both during our sponsored events. To discover where La Sportiva is going to organize or to sponsor the next event near you, please visit our Magazine under the events section.

How can I apply for a sponsorship or for receiving your PR material?

Please fulfil the form in the contact us area.

How can I get in contact directly with La Sportiva?

Click on the contact us area to submit your request to La Sportiva headquarter based in Ziano di Fiemme, Trentino, Italy.