Do you know what makes No-Edge climbing shoes so revolutionary?

La Sportiva reveals the secret in a video that provides quite an ironic look at the history of climbing.

To explain why the "No-Edge” technology,  featured on the latest La Sportiva climbing shoes (Speedster, Futura and Genius), is so revolutionary and to illustrate how it can contribute to an evolution in climbing, is not so simple. This innovative technology  produces a range of highly sensitive products with elevated performance levels, able to provide a homogeneous support on all types of surface, however,  very often this advantage is not so easy to explain in words: No-edge climbing shoes must be tried and tested and only then can they be compared to the more traditional climbing shoes, which remain suitable for many types of climbing, but that in some situations show  limits that the No-Edge models brilliantly bypass. Here then, the history of man may help us , closely intertwined as it is with mountains and climbing : in the past  mountianeering had simple, practical aims, mainly  " to retrieve  goats and balls from  trees " later to this same discipline became a sport by all effects ... We are obviously joking, but it is an interesting starting point to learn more about the most advanced, Made in Italy technology that has ever been created for a range of shoes. let  the pictures,  and Jacopo Larcher’s climbing do the talking. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the No-Edge Technology! On the other hand, if Adam Ondra uses them, there must be a reason...