DATE OF BIRTH: 04.09.1984


"I like to push myself to the limit, control my emotions, control my steps: but I cannot control my body, my only rival is myself."

Cristóbal Adell

My name is Cristóbal Adell. I am a mountain lover, father of a wonderful daughter, husband of an incredible woman and aluminum carpenter of profession. In 2007 I started running, and I realized that I could not live without contact with nature. I recognize that it is my lifestyle and if they took it away from me I would not be happy. I think that life is made of stages, and my stage now is: “I want to live at the fullest and not miss any opportunity”. I feel very privileged to be able to do what I like the most and finding myself every day up on the mountains. I am very lucky because my family supports me at any time, so I can continue to improve. When I'm not running I do my best to be with my family and friends, they are the fundamental pillar for me to follow my day to day.


1) Which is your favorite place for running?
Every place in the mountains which fascinates me with its dress of nature.
2) Which is your specialization?
I think my specialization is 60km races, but in the last years I am running longer distances.
3) Do you have a pre-race routine?
BBefore the race I do some training, according to the distance I will run. I spend more time in the mountains when I run Ultras. I follow my trainer's advices in order to control myself and be able to do my best.
4) When and why did you start running?
I started in 2007: there was a race near home, I signed up and I saw that I was doing very well. Then I startet evolving and improving until today.
5) Which are your La Sportiva favorite shoes?
Akasha for long distance and Kaptiva for shorter races.
6) What's in the air?
From here to two years I am not sure where the destiny will take me, what I do know is that I will continue in my environment, with my mountains, with my family and with the same enthusiasm as the first day


In primo piano

  • 2013 1° MIM - Panyagolosa
  • 2013 5° Zegama Skyrace
  • 2016 1° Copa de España - Cursa Vistabella
  • 2017 3° European Championship - Gorbeia Suzien Skyrace
  • 2018 3° Ultra Pirineu

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