The Pou brothers in the best of their career: Iker Pou climbs "Big Men" in Mallorca and get again in his maximum level

The youngest of the Pou Brothers climbs "Big Men" in Fraguel and thinks that it can be waiting for new opinions a 9 a+ difficulty, which confirms Iker in his high est level (This is his third route of this level after “Demencia Senil” and “Nit de Bruixes”).  Iker gets the first ascent of this old project after 20 years since it was opened by Carlos Raimundo;  probably the hardest sport climbing route in Mallorca. A spectacular  season on the Balearic island, where in addition to the above route, gets his first 8c "on sight" with "Guiris Go Home" and "MHD" (8b +/ c). The route of about 20 m in height has the first portion of easy column climbing. The second section is the hardest, with a boulder on crimps, and, one and two fingers pockets sections. The last part it’s  again on a column and easier. This last climb only confirms the tremendous performance that Iker found at 38 years old and his great feeling with La Sportiva no-edge technology in particular with the La Sportiva Genius. Credits: Filmut