Upendo Vibes: in Kotor, Montenegro with La Sportiva products

Upendo Vibes’s return journey to Italy continues, after a stop in Greece, the couple now take us on a journey of discovery through the wonders of Montenegro, in the company of their van and La Sportiva ‘s technical gear.

Upendo Vibes: in Kotor, Montenegro with La Sportiva products

Kotor - Montenegro

After about ten days spent in Greece, we started to climb northwards in the direction of Albania, reaching Kotor (in Italian Cattaro), a little Montenegro town, situated on the Adriatic coast. It is an ancient settlement surrounded by imposing walls, so well preserved that they have been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.  The town is reflected in the famous Bocche di Cattaro, a series of deep basins sheltered from the open sea, which make up the largest natural harbour in the Adriatic Sea and are very reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords. Two months after our Norwegian experience, we can say that it gave us an idea of what it might be like to visit Norway in the summer, and we renewed our intention to return to the North in the warmer months.  

What is most striking about this place, at first glance, is the fact that it seems to be a city on a lake. The sea, so hidden behind the inlets, has almost no current and the water is completely flat most of the time.  Furthermore, the horizon cannot be seen as it is also hidden by the high inlets.  Once we arrived and toured the old part of the city (beautiful), we decided that our day’s venture would be to reach the high city walls, a type of fortress that dominates the entire basin from above. The path, or rather, the steps that start from the old city centre, draw a steep, narrow path that cannot be mistaken.  As we climbed we started to count the steps, for fun, taking turns so as not to lose count.

Chatting, counting and stopping from time to time to catch our breath and have a drink (a very hot May sun did not help our climb), we finally reached the top at the best time of day, while everyone was started to leave.  Kotor is a very touristy city, crowded regardless of the day of the week, or the season of the year. We enjoyed the  view, the silence which was broken only by the cruise ships that called to collect the passengers for departures, the cry of the seagulls that seems to laugh at us as they boasted of their own spectacular height and the gentle chatter of those who like us, had come to enjoy the spectacle: the old city, the fjords, the ships , the walls that climbed up beneath us along the mountains, the sun reflected on the sea, the seagulls flying.  We stayed up there a couple of hours, dazed by the beauty of the city waiting for our favourite light, sunset.  With the warm lights of the evening we took some photos to remind us of the magical moment and of the impressive venture we had undergone to reach the summit, a total of 1330 steps.

The Technical, lightweight TX shorts, were essential in the climb allowing me to proceed step after step without constraints and in total comfort. Once at the top of the fortress, the Creek Jacket offered protection from the cold, considering the strong wind that welcomed us after the heat accumulated in the climb.  This jacket is lightweight and compact and useful on numerous occasions.  

Last but not least, the comfortable, lightweight TX2leather approach shoes(in the  leather uppers version) were the perfect choice both for walks in the town centre and for the climb to the fortress.  Thanks to the outstanding  grip of the Vibram tread, we never had the feeling of slipping downhill on the rocky steps, made worn and super slippery from the passage of centuries and the many people who tread on them every day.