The perfect shoes for the Santiago De Compostela Path

Pino Dellasega, walker, writer and founder of the Italian Nordic Walking School, describes which of the products in the La Sportiva range are the most suitable for a hiking trail that continues to attract more and more people from all over the world.

The perfect shoes for the Santiago De Compostela Path

What is the Cammino di Santiago Path and why does it attract so many walkers?

The Santiago de Compostela path does not have the typical features of a simple hiking route, it is potentially a never-ending journey within yourself because when you finish it you realize that something inside you has changed, perhaps forever.

“Two years ago I completed the walk alone, covering over 1000 Km on foot from Lourdes to Santiago, Finisterre and Muxia; As I stopped near the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin of the Boat, an important question came to me: “Where am I really?” and the answer came straight from the heart: “Maybe I am in Paradise, because for almost a month now I have walked alongside people with no specific profession all carrying backpacks, all greeting and smiling at one another; I could never think of a better Paradise than that made of walkers”.


The top 5 shoes for the Cammino de Santiago path

For many years I have been using LA SPORTIVA footwear, testing all models on all types of terrain, from the golden sands of the Sahara Desert to the enchanting Dolomite trails and on the Santiago de Compostela Path I once again had the chance to test a variety of different models.

For my journey of thousands of miles alone, I chose LA SPORTIVA PRIMER in Gore-Tex Surround, a truly outstanding shoe with unprecedented levels of comfort that, in addition to guaranteeing safety, proved to be the right choice in all types of climatic conditions.

The PRIMER shoes passed the test with merit, despite my having asked them for a lot of overtime, in fact I walked for a total of 18 days from Sant Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela , covering an average of 42 km per day, while I managed to complete the total 1050km in 26 days. 

If I think that I was carrying a backpack of over 17 kg, I must say that the shoes were great.  After rainy days, when I got to the hostel and put on my sandals to rest my feet, one night was enough to get the PRIMER dry again in the morning, ready for a new day of walking thanks to the ease of drying due to the increased breathability of the new Gore-Tex Surround technology that allows the shoe to breathe 360°.

On the walk, I also tried other LA SPORTIVA models such as Synthesis, a mid cut model that uses technical solutions that are identical to the Primer model.  In the spring of last year, I used the classic and versatile ULTRA RAPTOR another Gore-Tex model, a lightweight but versatile shoe ideal for all types of terrain. Another model that I would highly recommend, especially for those who are used to walking with high cut models is CORE HIGH GTX; with this model the foot is held snuggly in check making it the ideal choice for those with weak ankles.  With CORE safety is guaranteed and in case of rain or mud, the foot is completely isolated keeping it dry even after so many miles of walking.

At the beginning of May this year, I travelled the last 120km of the Path with a group of people and I wanted to try out the new AKYRA.  The lightweight features of the shoe fascinated me and the fact that my foot felt rested even after the daily 30km trek.  AKYRA is the ideal shoe for all types of terrain and use.  Whether you are walking with a lightweight or heavy backpack the foot always responds optimally to the kilometres you are travelling. 

The LA SPORTIVA designers have designed a shoe for all types of terrain and distance and after the huge successes in the Trail Running competitions, they have created the ideal model for those who would like to try to walk the Santiago de Compostela Path in complete safety.



Pino Dellasega is a walker and writer from the Valle di Fiemme who has spent many years in the Predazzo Fiamme Gialle sports group practicing cross-country skiing and orienteering, a discipline, the latter, that has seen him participate in 11 World championships winning 17 titles of Absolute Italian Champion.  In 2002 he traced the Trekking of the Legends of the Dolomites, a 200 km trail, with an altitude difference of 16.000 metres covered in 59 hours of uninterrupted journey. He is the creator of the Thinking Christ of the Dolomites, the spiritual path at Passo Rolle that has seen over half a million pilgrims climb to the top of Mount Castellazzo and in 2008 he founded the Italian Nordic Walking school with over three thousand instructors. In 2015 he travelled alone over one thousand kilometres on the Santiago de Compostela Path, from Lourdes to Muxia. His books: NORDIC WALKING, THE THINKING CHRIST OF THE DOLOMITES, DOWN FROM THE CROSS and I WALKED WITH THE STARS were a great success. With WAYS – within the path – together with Chiara Campostrini he offers Outdoor training for companies and sports teams with the BRAIN WALKING method.