Olympus Mons Cube is Gold Winner at the ISPO Awards

La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube is Gold Winner at the ISPO Awards The innovative Himalayan mountaineering and arctic crossing boot has been chosen by the ISPO Munich jury as the best product in the mountaineering footwear category.

Olympus Mons Cube is Gold Winner at the ISPO Awards

Munich, January 2019 – After 2 years of study and field testing at the feet of Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger, at ISPO 2019 La Sportiva officially presents the new version of one of the most famous Himalayan mountaineering boots:  OLYMPUS MONS CUBE, an updated and stylistically revised edition  of the classic mountaineering boot,  presented by the company from Trentino for the very first time, back in 2001.

The jury of experts in the outdoor sector that annually assigns the prestigious ISPO AWARDS for the  various product categories, has therefore awarded  the absolute GOLD WINNER award (5 products in total can boast this recognition) for the “Mountaineering & Expedition Footwear” category,  to La Sportiva, winner of the award in the past with its G2 SM and Batura products,  launched in collaboration with the Italian mountaineer Simone Moro, one of its top users and the brand’s first developer of the high-altitude mountaineering category.  

“I have never made any secret about the fact that the Olympus Mons boots is the product that best  represents me:  the high altitude boot that for almost 20 years has been protagonist in the climbs that carry mountaineering onwards to the future while walking firmly in the present – says Moro.

With Tamara Lunger in February 2018 we pushed the boot to the limits in Siberia, in the coldest inhabited place on earth, the  Chersky Range, a 1500 km mountain range. From here the need for a high altitude boot that could be used with ski mountaineering skis for long traverses.  We had to approach the mountain range like this there being no mechanical means or alternative to walking.   Skis were the only piece of equipment that prevented us from sinking into the snow.  We needed to combine thermal qualities of the Olympus model with a boot that would fit firmly into a  ski-alp binding, so that we could proceed as rapidly and safely as possible. From here originated the most  versatile, safe and thermal boot  ever seen in the history of mountaineering.  The first boot designed for arctic crossings too.”

But how is this version of Cube different from the previous Evo?   “We have worked on various aspects of the boot to make it the most thermal on the market, the quickest and most efficient in terms of lacing and the most versatile designed for arctic crossings and summit approach routes with skis: a unique feature on the market today - says Matteo Jellici, R&D Manager at La Sportiva.

This new double bootie construction enhances the thermal properties and drying times, while the thermal insulation is enhanced by a layer of 
Primaloft® Gold Aerogel in the footbed. The double closures that promotes perfectly differentiated tension on the top and bottom part of the shell is made using two BOA® Fit Systems  on which it is possible to act even in extreme conditions without the need to take off gloves in very cold environments.  The lightweight of the product is also accentuated by the use of a double compound  Vibram® Morflex and Vibram® Litebase.
Thanks to these technical devices and the addition of the front pin insert that allows the use of the boot with ski mountaineering bindings (front part only), the Olympus Mons Cube is today one of the most thermal and versatile products on the market and  represents the state of the art of expedition products as declared by the jury that assigned the ISPO Award.

This opens another year of innovation for  La Sportiva, a brand that has always strived to provide the best products for mountain enthusiasts everywhere. Innovation, passion, tradition and constant research. Since 1928.

 A preview of what the company will present at ISPO is already available at this address: