La Sportiva presents the first hygienic mask for with an interchangeable filter

The production of the Stratos Mask is underway: ergonomic, sustainable, comfortable to wear and washable with an interchangeable filter.

La Sportiva presents the first hygienic mask for with an interchangeable filter

Lorenzo Delladio made the announcement two weeks ago as part of the conversion project that sees part of the Ziano di Fiemme production site working to produce surgical masks for the Civil Protection of Trento: “We are trying to find innovative solutions in this field too, mainly in response to a hitherto underestimated problem, namely that of the environmental impact caused by the current disposable masks available on the market today”. The challenge that was launched by Delladio to the Research and Development department was to find a solution that increases the comfort and ergonomics  of a product that we will all be forced to wear on a daily basis in the second phase of the COVID19 emergency while also providing the opportunity of replacing only the filter instead of having to dispose of the product after one single use. 


Stratos Mask is the name of the new generic sports hygienic protective mask made of fabric with an interchangeable and easily replaceable internal filter. It is a washable, reusable and comfortable to wear product thanks to perfect ergonomics designed to wrap around the face safely and comfortably. The product was developed over the past week and tested thanks to the first prototypes made from the technical fabrics of the La Sportiva clothing line. The company has already requested a patent for the product and will later evaluate whether to precede with the application for a health certification. At the moment Stratos Mask is in all respects a generic, hygienic protection mask eventually usable when practicing sports at the end of the emergency.


"Until now, masks had mainly the role of protecting us in an emergency phase and the attention to elements such as comfort and environmental impact were not a priority. In the company, however, we started to think over the long term, trying to limit as much as possible waste in favour of the environment - says Delladio - and think about the practicality of continuous use of an object that will enter our daily lives. The result is a very smart solution, which will allow everyone to quickly and easily remove and replace the internal accessory filter, wash the mask and return to re-wear it in complete safety ". 


Further information on how the product will be sold will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the company confirms that once the emergency is over, the production of both surgical and generic sports masks will join that of outdoor shoes and mountain boots for which the La Sportiva brand is well known all over the world.