La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail: a container of ultra stories

The first year of collaboration between the Trentino brand and the famous ultra trail of the Dolomites ends positively. Five thousand runners present at the starting points in the four races, the La Sportiva Team triumph in the Cortina Trail and great public participation in side events.

La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail: a container of ultra stories

Four days of off road racing in all its forms were held in Cortina d’Ampezzo from the 26th to the 30th of June.  An event designed in the splendid setting of the Dolomites, capable of gathering 5,000 runners from 65 different countries, fans and enthusiasts, who for the first time saw the Lavaredo Ultra Trail and La Sportiva side by side in an all-Italian combination linked to territoriality and values.

To inaugurate the long weekend in Cortina, the town recently nominated alongside Milan to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, was the double Hiking and Running experience aimed at discovering the beauty of the Dolomites. Retracing part of the race tracks together with the athletes of the La Sportiva Team, it also offered participants the chance to test the new 2019 products, Bushido II and Kaptiva, Tx2 and TX4.

On the evening of Thursday, after the celebrations for the victory of the Spanish athlete Irati Zubizarreta and the silver medal of Nicola Molina in the Cortina Skyrace, the spotlights were positioned on the Alexander Hall, where for the first time Michele Graglia and Anton Krupicka, met on stage, returning to Cortina after the 2014 victory.
A talk moderated by writer Folco Terzani that with dynamism and delicate irony, managed to capture the many facets that characterize the long distance race.  Talking about meditation, training and overcoming limits, the two icons of ultra running spoke together for more than one hour in front of a large audience present in the hall and online  (the event was broadcast in live streaming) touching important themes that in parallel embrace the discipline, like inclusion and sustainability.

Friday 28th was the turn of the Cortina Trail. 48km and 2.600 m+ which put a strain on the 1800 athletes present, forced to come to terms not only with the technicality of the trail but also with the scorching heat of what proved to be the hottest week in recent years.  To illuminate the finish of this 8th edition, the smile and strength of Miguel Caballero Ortega. This Catalan runner, a member of the La Sportiva Team since the early days, finished his race in 4h 30' 40'', celebrating the victory together with compatriot Pere Rullan, second place, only 5 minutes behind.

 “Winning today in Cortina is a satisfaction that is worth double – said Miguel as soon as he crossed the finish line – a spectacular and iconic race won in front of the “La Sportiva home” audience”.

To complete the podium the Italian Enzo Romeri, who did not allow the Trentino athlete Christian Modena part of the La Sportiva Team to double the success of last year.  For the women’s race, the American  Hillary Allen, confirmed first place for the second year in a row, with a time of 5h 30' 50''. Behind her the Spanish Mònica Comas Molist and Sabine Wurmsam

Only a couple of hours divided the last arrivals of the Cortina Trail from the queen race of the festival and the only Italian phase of the Ultra Trail World Tour: the Lavaredo Ultra Trail. The notes of Ennio Morricone served as the soundtrack to the evocative nighttime start of the over 1800 competitors, ready to do battle over 120km in the shadow of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Cristallo, the Tofane, the Cinque Torri, the Averau and Croda da Lago.

To put the seal on the 13th edition was the American Tim Tollefson, in the lead since the first kilometres of the race and able to stop the hands of the chronometer at a time of 12h18'47”.  To applaud the arrival of second place, it was necessary to wait for more than 12 minutes with the arrival of the Chinese athlete Jiasheng Shen, third place went instead to New Zealander Sam McCutcheon.

For the women, Swiss athlete Kathrin Götz, gained the highest place onn the podium, first to arrive in  14h59'52” followed by the French athlete Audrey Tanguy (15h24'10”). A special mention for the third place won by the La Sportiva athlete Francesca Pretto.

It is a race that I have always observed with reverence and detachment, thinking it was not in my capability due to the fact that it involved a lot of running – wrote Francesca on her Instagram page – but his year I realized that it was time to try, and it was a surprizing discovery.  LUT is magical, a mixture of joy and effort.”

Saturday 29th saw the dispute of the UltraDolomites, a novelty for 2019 among the proposals of the La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail: 87 kilometers,with 4600 meters of height gain and 4250 meters of decent, departing from Auronzo di Cadore, and arriving in Cortina. To inaugurate the roll of honor was Spanish athlete Andreu Simon Aymerich, who reached the finish line in  8h50'46.

But the Lavaredo Ultra Trail is a race for everyone, not only the top runners who finish on the podium. As in every Ultra, the differences of single racers are cancelled by fatigue and emotions, which are the same for everyone  as well as the distance, shared meter by meter from the first to the last competitor. Trying to explain this inclusive and transversale aspect, La Sportiva has decided to follow three different runners along their race.  A professional, an amateur and a mental coach. Three different ways of experiencing the race and its preparation, three stories, three goals, three different rhythms united by a single passion, that of mountain running. The video series, called  #myLUT acted as an impetus for the creation of the hashtag that gathered everyone’s stories live, shared over those four days of ultra running and which you can see here:

A special mention too, to some La Sportiva employees and collaborators who took part in the various races:

Jacopo Beggio, Lombardy Agent 120k m
John Samways, UK Distributor, 120km
Thomas Pfisterer, Agent for Austria, 90km
Giulio Beggio, Lombardy Agent, 48km
Marco Felicetti, R&D department, 48km
Francesco Trenti, Web marketing manager, 48km
Matt Adams, Australia Distributor, 23km
Greg Fawkner-Corbett, UK Distributor, 23km
Luca Serafini, Area Manager, 23km
Matteo Cerchio, Financial manager, 23km
Jonathan Pedrotti, Junior Area Manager, 23km