A midsummer dream: Michele Boscacci is the new “Strange Hero”

For all fans of the miniseries signed La Sportiva "Strange Heroes", a new episode is just landed on our channels and, for the first time, it talks about ski mountaineering. What are the fears of a skialper? Let's discover it together with Michele Boscacci.

A midsummer dream: Michele Boscacci is the new “Strange Hero”

La Sportiva goes ahead with the webseries that, episode after episode, aims to find out what constantly pushes athletes in their search for overcoming their limits. The series, created in collaboration with the Sfelab creative studios, is a combination of computer graphics, comic strips and stories of unparalleled appeal and allows La Sportiva to drive straight to the heart of its ambassadors discovering the monster within, which personifies the motivation that encourages them to constantly improve their performance, the driving force that allows them to reach beyond limits.

This year, we left off with the zero-gravity challenge of Italian climber Stefano Ghisolfi, but many have been the unusual heroes of the La Sportiva team over the years. From the Luchador transformation of Patxi Usobiaga to the pirate’s life of Adam Ondra, from Babsi Zangerl's video game avatar to Anton Krupicka's comic book character and many more.

With this new episode La Sportiva changes its playground, and for the first time looks at the world of ski mountaineering through the eyes, and imagination, of the champion Michele Boscacci. After a season that started between many uncertainties and suddenly stopped because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Italian ski mountaineer had to concentrate on his summer training earlier than usual. Alternating weights, mountain running and long bike rides, the months spent away from the snow were felt more than usual, leading Michele to daydream of his return on skis and to see the snow... even where there wasn’t. Because we found out that, although facing technical ridges with carbon skiboots and skiing down super steep couloirs, the biggest fear of any winter lover is only one and has nothing to do with personal risk: the absence of snow.

A fun web series that this time hides behind the daydreams of a ski mountaineer an important message. Because it takes the commitment of each of us to save our winters and keep enjoying the beauty of the snow, avoiding one day, to chase it only in our dreams.


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About the protagonist: Michele Boscacci

Born on January 4th 1990 in Sondrio. At the age of 5 he began skiing, initially his grandfather Umberto followed and supported him in this great passion shared by 3 generations of the Boscacci family. His grandfather takes him to see the races of his father Graziano who in those years wrote the history of ski mountaineering. Michele grows and begins to run his first races, even if at an early age he already shows great talent. At the age of 14 he ran his first PierraMenta, the beginning of a career that would lead him to become an icon of ski mountaineering. Michele is a La Sportiva ambassador and with its products, including skiboots and skis, he won the most important world competitions.