Born:12/3/93 FRANCE

"The most important is to desire.“

Jacques Brel



Former climbing competitor, I went to the mountains. After finishing my studies in earth science at the engineering school of meteorology, I devoted myself almost full time to the mountains. I like the variety of activities, from ice climbing to cliff climbing. Expeditions to far-off countries are what I love today.



1) Who is your favorite climbing partner and why?
I don’t have one single favorite climber. One of the reason I love alpinism so much is to share not only the rope but also some values. I love to change partners depending on the motivation and the project. Also in expedition, I’ll always go with someone I really like, not only to climb with but also in « real life » someone with who I share the same vision of the world.
2) Which is the first La Sportiva shoes/boot you used?
I remember really well the moment I bought my first pair of Solution. I’ve seen the advertising in « Grimper » a French climbing magazine with a guy making a toe hook on a desk board.
I was around 15 making my first international competitions and the first time I wore them was in Briançon for the international open.
3) What is your favorite climbing/mountaineering book?
The one that inspired me the most is « Montagnes d’une vie » from Walter Bonatti. I also really love the vision of Voytek Kurtyka, the true master of alpine style to me.
4) What is the mountain you would like to see at least one time in your life?
G4 is  the mountain I dream the most of these days ….
5) Do you support cultural o charity projects?
Not really, I do participate sometime with my uncle in an association called Y arrivarem. Its goal is to take physically and mentally disabled people up in the mountain.
6) What's in the air?
In the next years, my goal will be to keep pushing my physical and technical skills. Combining a high level in everyday activities (9a in rockclimbing, hard icefalls and mixedclimbing at the highest level). In order to use these skills on the highest mountains of the world (7000-8000m). My main goal will be to open technically hard routes on virgin faces up to 8000m. In addition, i have any ideas of opening routes in the Alps mixing rockclimbing and alpinism.



  • 2005 Started doing climbing competitions
  • 2011 Started doing trail running competitions
  • 2017 Expedition to Pakistan: Opening of a snow and mixed track on a virgin summit at 6000m
  • 2019 Expedition in Pakistan, Yarkhun Valley opening new ski itinerary and two routes: " Sur la route de l'école" M6/500m + "Le crux amovible" 7b+ 250m
  • 2019 Expedition in Rolwaling, Népal. New route, Trinité, M6 - 1500m on Tengi Ragi Tau à 6820m in 4 days
  • 2020 Expedition to Pakistan in the Batura muztagh massif. Opening Revers Gagnant 2500m / ED + / 90 ° on the Sani Pakkush, 6953m (virgin south face) 



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