Born:8/29/87 ITALY

"It’s a hard, simple calculus: run until you can’t run anymore. Then run some more. Find a new source of energy and will. Then run even faster."

Scott Jurek


Roberto Mastrotto lives in the Chiampo Valley in the province of Vicenza. Skier since he was a child, he started running in 2014-15 almost as a joke, with the aim of getting back in shape after a few years of sporting inactivity. In a few months he loses about twenty kg and begins to discover the race in nature by tackling his first Ultra Trail with a spirit of pure personal challenge, skipping many intermediate stages. From 2016 he began to train regularly and his first victory came at the Durona Trail 60km, the home race that had seen his debut only the year before. From there he never stopped and began to love and experience the mountains more and more, achieving victories in several Ultra Trail races at national level and important placements in the Ultra Trail World Tour races.



1) Which is your favorite place for running?
In the mountains and more generally in nature.
2) Which is your specialization?
Ultra Trail from 100km upwards, but I don't mind putting myself on the line even over much shorter distances.
3) Do you have a pre-race routine?
I close my eyes, isolate myself for a moment and retrace the path for the last time with my thoughts and what I will do step by step.
4) When and why did you start running?
I wore the shoes the first time in 2014-15 to get back in shape, I never thought I would find myself running for hours and hours in the mountains :) .
5) Which are your La Sportiva favorite shoes?
6) What's in the air?
My 2019 season was nipped in the bud by a bad bacterial infection in the legs that forced me to a month of hospital unable to walk and many months of convalescence. Despite some relapses, I am working to return and recover all these days and these opportunities lost with interests. I want to fly on the paths with all my heart.



  • 2016 First victory Durona Trail (then won in 2018 e in 2019 in relay)
  • 2017 e 2018 1° 100eLode with record
  • 2018 First 100 miles: 19° at UTMB
  • 2018 1° Trans d'Havet in 9h:37'
  • 2018 1° 100 Miles of Istria - Blue course con record
  • 2019 PR Pisa Marathon in 2:34'
  • 2019 1° place - Ultrabericus Winter



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