"Climbing, mountaineering, hiking, skiing…is about love for the mountains, for the wild, for the nature. It’s not about numbers, it’s about feelings that you get been in contact with. The sport part is important, but for us only in the way of personal superation.“



In the impressive big wall of Cao Grande (The Islands of Sao Tome and Principe, Africa, Jungle) they did the first free ascent to Nubivagant (8b/455 m. In that moment the hardest in this spire) and after they opened and free climb from the bottom in very good style “Leve Leve” 8b+/450 m (2018) .
“Leve Leve” was the third big wall inside “4 Elements Project” (Fire), after the openings and first free climbs of “Aupa 40” (Patagonia. Wind. 2.017) and “Yakumama” (Amazonia. Water. 2.017).
In autum 2.018 Iker redpointed a 6 years project doing the first ascent of “Artaburu” in Margalef-Cataluña-,an incredible roof with small holes of one or two finger pokets bolting by him. Asked about the grade: “I don’t have enough routes to comparate in this level…For sure is the hardest that I did in all my live, and, much harder than the 9a+ routes I climbed before” . Still no repetitions…
In January 2019 the Pou Brothers stablished a new route in the “Aguja de la S”, Patagonia, Fitz Roy Range. They called “Haizea” (Wind in basque language): 13 pitches climbed by alpine style and non-stop in 12 hours only using friends and stoppers (no bolts).



1) Who is your favorite climbing partner and why?
With any doubts my brother (ja, ja, ja). We know each other really well and more than brothers we are good friends.
2) Which is the first La Sportiva shoes/boot you used?
Viper for Eneko and Kendo for Iker in climbing shoes. In boots if we remember well the first Trango Ice from 15 years ago.
3) What is your favorite climbing/mountaineering book?
From some years ago we remember “Cita Con la Cumbre” (Juanjo Sansebastian). The last one we read “La Torre” (Kelly Cordes). But in any case, we love reading books that they are not in relationship with climbing or mountaineering.
4) What is the mountain you would like to see at least one time in your life?
Paine Towers and Queen Mainland in Antartica.
5) Do you support cultural o charity projects?
Yes, every week we are helping people that ask many things to us.
6) What's in the air?
We want to follow exploring new mountains and routes around the world. In the same way we will try to finish our “4 Elements Project”.



  • 2003-2008 7 Walls 7 Continents Project
  • 2009 0rbayu 8c+/9a-500 m. - Opening and FA
  • 2010 The Hardest of the Alps” Project
  • 2012 Artic Project: Baffin Island
  • 2015 Arctic Project: Siberia
  • 2017 - 4 Elements Project - Openings and FA



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