Born:9/3/04 ITALY

 "Great things are done when men and mountains meet.

William Blake




My name is Noemi Gianola, I am 16 years old and I live in Premana, a village in the province of Lecco. I am lucky to live in the mountains and this has immediately increased my passion for running and ski mountaineering. In 2019 I managed to conquer a place for the Ski mountaineering World Championships and I hope soon to be able to live another similar experience; I wish all skimo lovers to earn a chance like this. For all of this I have to thank La Sportiva who supported me during this important journey.



1) Which is your favourite place for skiing?
The mountains near home are the favorite place to train and also the most convenient.
2) Which is your specialization?
Ski mountaineering but I also take part in mountain running competitions.
3) When and why did you start Skimountaineering?
I started at the age of 11 using old tools from my dad who transmitted this passion to me.
4) Do you have a pre- race routine?
Usually after reviewing the route, I listen to music to relieve tension and to better prepare for departure.
5) What's in the air?
Since I will pass into the Junior Category next year, I would like to take part in the World Cup competitions. About the running, I’d like to start doing some skyra



  • 2015 First ski mountaineering trips and conquest of the first peak Pizzo Tre Signori
  • 2018 Silver at the Italian Championship in Premana
  • 2019 Silver in the Vertical and bronze in the Sprint at the Italian Championship in Cervinia
  • 2019 Bronze in Sprint and Vertical at the Italian Championship in Ponte di Legno
  • 2020 Silver in the Individual at the Italian Championship in Vermiglio


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