Born:2/11/98 USA


Margo Hayes is a climber native to Boulder, Colorado. She grew up with the Rocky Mountains in her backyard, and spends the majority of her time dedicated to her sport. Margo balances high school classes, art, photography, and climbing simultaneously.
From a young age, Margo showed an incredible aptitude for athletics. She began to compete nationally in gymnastics at the age of 8. At the age of 10, Margo started climbing and joined Team ABC. The sport quickly became much more than a hobby for her; it became a passion. She excelled at the sport and now competes nationally and internationally as part of the US National team.
Margo has competed worldwide in a variety of different countries and competitions. She has had the opportunity to meet and make friends with people from around the globe. Margo values and respects the traditions of the climbing culture and community. One of her proudest moments was being awarded the North Face Young Gun Award in 2013.Whether it is sending a hard route outside or winning a competition, Margo is committed and tenacious when working towards her goals.



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