Born:6/5/85 HOLLAND

"Youth only lasts for a moment’’

Alexandre Dumas


Jorg Verhoeven began climbing in 1997 in his hometown Amsterdam. He quickly developed a love for the sport, and moved to Innsbruck, Austria in 2004, to live in the mountains.
He has taken part in the international world cup circuit for more than 15 years, before retiring from competitions in 2018. Already during his competition career, he discovered his passion for adventure, which resulted in trad climbing, alpine climbing and some mountaineering. In the most recent years, he is focussing on sport climbing, with the long-term goal of climbing 9b. Other major interests have become trad climbing, and freeclimbing bigwalls.

“Climbing is a lot more to me than just a hobby, a workout or a job. It has positively dictated my life in the past 25 years, always pointing me in different directions. Due to my sport I have been all around the world, I have met amazing people along the way, and it has showed me a way to share my passion with others. Freedom, motivation, challenge, perseverance, joy, I cannot find enough words to describe what climbing gives me.’’

Biggest Achievements:
First place Lead world cup 2008
Hades 9a (AUT)
Wheel of Life 8C (AUS)
The Nose 5.14-, 1000 m – Yosemite (USA)
Dihedral Wall 5.14, 700 m– Yosemite (USA)



1) Who is your favorite climbing partner and why?
o   Katha Saurwein. The experiences we have made in the 15 years we have been together are unreplaceable
o   David Lama. Because we always had a laugh, and he climbed like a magician. Rest in peace buddy
2) Which is the first La Sportiva shoes/boot you used?
o   Cobra, four sizes too big. Legendary!
3) What is your favorite climbing/mountaineering book?
o   Yosemite guidebook, which I know by heart ????
4) What is the mountain you would like to see at least one time in your life?
o   Great Trango
5) What's in the air?
o   Training hard for project9b
o   Trad climbing projects
o   Opening new routes around Innsbruck, both sport and alpine
o   First expedition!



  • 1997 First climbing moves
  • 2004 Moving to the Alps!
  • 2008 Lead worldcup victory
  • 2014 Freeclimbing the Nose
  • 2018 End of competition career: focusing on rock climbing!

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