Born:11/16/90 ITALY

"Your destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."

Henry Miller


Before 2016, I don't even know what running is: I go from being an overweight child excluded from every circle of friends to representing the model par excellence of teenagers with weight problems, smokers and fans of clubs and alcohol. Until one day I face the crisis that will change my life forever: I no longer understand who I am and to find answers I decide to take a trip to Myanmar that makes me discover the race. When I return, I revolutionize everything: I quit smoking, quit my job and my night owl companion and start all over again. I switch from road running of up to 10 km to my first Trail (the Pizzoc Trail), which I face only to accompany a friend, with his shoes and his backpack, without having any idea what it means to run in the mountains. Between a fall and a cramp I manage to position myself second: for the first time I realize something by myself, with my true strength, without the need for make-up, clothes and alcohol! I never stopped: after just one year I run my first 130km race and at the end of 2018 I manage to finish the 330km Tor Des Géants, despite my broken chin halfway through. The races, however, are not all that makes me alive, although I often manage to place myself. For this I begin a very deep path of collaboration with a blind woman, to discover together what the mountain means. With Covid-19, I take the opportunity to complete self-managed crossings, with GPS: the Path of the Mutated Lands, from Norcia to L'Aquila, a 24-hour journey to raise awareness among the population to visit forgotten places after the earthquake .



1) Which is your favorite place for running?
The Dolomites fill me every time with wonder and a deep sense of freedom.
2) Which is your specialization?
3) Do you have a pre-race routine?
Taking care of nutrition and sleep in the previous days is a bit of my obsession.
4) When and why did you start running?
I started in Myanmar, to vent my sense of imprisonment in the social standards that were imposed on me.
5) Which are your La Sportiva favorite shoes?
Mutants are my socks ... um ... favorite shoes.
6) What's in the air?
The first personal goal for 2021 is to complete the Camino delle Terre Mutate project, from Fabriano to Norcia.
Participate in at least one international competition, perhaps outside Italy.
Starting a journey to teach others to love mountains.



  • 2016 My first jog in Myanmar ... Converse on my feet and a very hard 5 km
  • 2017 Il mio primo Trail. Gambe distrutte per una settimana!
  • 2018 The Tor Des Gèants. The hardest ever faced, but the most revealing
  • 2019 My first GPS crossing from Monte Carega to Lake Garda, passing through Lessinia
  • 2019 My first, the only, wonderful UTMB!


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