Born:3/23/92 ITALY

" Only those who dare may fly"

Luis Sepùlveda


I have been going to the mountains since my dad carried me on his shoulders and from there I no longer have stopped; from the via ferratas, to climbing, to simple trekking, I just need to be up there. For some years I have discovered mountain running and I have fallen in love with it; when I run on the paths I feel free and peaceful. I love this discipline also because is not only legs and breath but also a lot of head; if you don't always stay focused you will find yourself on the ground.



1) Which is your favorite place for running?
The home mountains: Vigolana in summer and Marzola in winter (when I’m not on skis).
2) Which is your specialization?
The trails from 20 to 30 km, better with high climbs and technical descents.
3) Do you have a pre-race routine?
The night before I study the route: how many km uphill, how many downhill ... it helps me to stay focused.
4) When and why did you start running?
My first race was the StrongmanRun in 2013, made for fun with some friends, then I participated in some races of the Sat circuit and I was no longer able to stop.
5) Which are your La Sportiva favorite shoes?
Bushido II.
6) What's in the air?
Hard workouts to improve more and more.


  • 2013 First running race
  • 2016 First race satisfactions
  • 2019 First place at the Pontedilegno Sky Night
  • 2019 5° place at the LaSportiva Cup

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