Born:3/1/92 ITALY

"You could do more. You can do more. Just do it."

Scott Jurek


I have always loved the mountain since I was a child but only in recent years have I started to get excited in front of it and its colors. But above all I started to feel full of life. When I run I try to listen to my body, I love to struggle, feel the muscles burn, move the famous "stake" always a little further, and I believe that the only limit we have is the one dictated by our mind that is necessary to tame.



1) Which is your favorite place for running?
I love the real mountain, in all its nuances. I love hard climbs, as well as rideable single track. I think the Dolomites best represent this type of landscape.
2) Which is your specialization?
Ultratrail on medium distances (50-60 km), even if I will try to lengthen soon.
3) Do you have a pre-race routine?
I repeat myself to start calmly (even if I know that I won't do it) and listen to the song that push me more (Hall of Fame by The Script).
4) When and why did you start running?
I started running 3 years ago because, after a dark period of my life, I found that being alone with my thoughts in the mountains was good for me, gave serenity to my mind, made me and makes me feel more ALIVE more than ever.
5) Which are your La Sportiva favorite shoes?
If this question had been asked me last year I would have answered Akasha, today I answer Mutant !!
6) What's in the air?
Long distance workouts. If the situation permits, this year I will participate in the Long Trail Italian Championships.


  • 2019 8^ -3^ Italian- Cortina Trail 48km
  • 2019 4^ Short Trail Italian Championship (42km Trans d’Havet)
  • 2019 2^ Dolomiti di Brenta Trail 46 km
  • 2019 1^ Utss Supramonte Seaside Baunei 43km


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