Born:11/2/90 GERMANY


"Climbing is just so much fun and I love all of it. Get out and play!"




Fabian Buhl was born on November 2nd, 1990. He lives in Oberstaufen, in Bavaria, although he is currently studying geology at the University of Innsbruck. He has been practising sports since he was a child, especially downhill skiing and triathlon. The poetic gesture of movement and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes have always fascinated Fabian.
He first started to climb on easy routes and then slowly developed the desire to grow as a climber. He enrolled at the local gym in Scheidegg and began to make friends with a group of climbers with whom he travelled to Switzerland, France and Italy. These climbing trips changed both his approach to the sport and his dedication to training. Today, Fabian can boast some very difficult climbs including Silbergeier, Nirwana and Prinzip Hoffnung as well as a 9a redpoint.
He is an incredibly versatile and not only in climbing. In 2018 he went for an expedition to Pakistan established "The Big Easy", then he climbed "IUR fb8b+" in Cresciano and after all that directly he went to Chamonix to climb the "Leseure" and "Walker Spur" single push. Afterwards he went to the Canadian Rockies for big mountaineering projects.



1) Who is your favorite climbing partner and why?
Alexander Huber everything is fun and we always have a good time. Lately I had great fun with Colin Haley and we work super efficient together and really motivate each other a lot, it is a great energy. 
2) Which is the first La Sportiva shoes/boot you used?
For multi pitches and most climbs I love still the good old Miura, sensitive yet aggressive! For winter climbs there is nothing better then the G5, such an amazing light and warm single boot. 
3) What is your favorite climbing/mountaineering book?
"Art of Freedom" the biographie of Voytek Kurtyka written by Bernadett Mc Donald. The ascents are as pure as it can get and the book dives deep into and amazing lead figure of our sport. 
4) What is the mountain you would like to see at least one time in your life?
Gasherbrum IV  - The Shining Wall 
5) Do you take part to a charity or cultural project? 
I do slideshows and sometimes they are nonprofit and all the money goes to different charity projects. 
6) What's in the air?
Keeping it versatile and enjoying every aspect of our nice sport from mountaineering to bouldering.
Getting more and more into the higher ranges and tackle some of the technical routes I have in mind.
Having a great time with great friends on special expeditions.


  • 2006 Got introduced to climbing after stopping with race skiing, from that time onwards I felt the first time totally motivated to get better and something, no matter how much effort it took me.
  • 2013 Dreamtime fb 8c my first really hard boulder
  • 2015 Frontman Deluxe 9a after mainly focusing on bouldering, It was the first year where I climbed a lot of sport routes and trad routes
  • 2016 Ganesha 8c 7 pitches 4 bolts and a solo first ascent as well as a solo reappoint. This route reached me a lot and made me find a way of climbing that not many have experienced before.
  • 2018 Choktoi Ri 6166m Pakistan, establishing this obvious and super beautiful line with Alexander Huber was. A great first expedition top the Karakoram.

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