Born:2/21/88 ITALY

"Those who climb higher see further; those who see further dream longer."

Walter Bonatti


I am a simple and sunny girls, mountain lover at 360 degree. I love mountains and nature in every season. In summer I manage the Tosa Pederotti refuge in Brenta with my family and there I have the opportunity to run and climb. In fall I love cycling, in spring you can do a lot of things, skiing, trekking, climbing and running. Then there is winter, my favourite season, where I mainly go on skis: I am a ski instructor and I do ski mountaineering competitions. My favourite sport !!! My true essence comes out there, I love snow and the feeling of freedom that the mountains leave you in winter! In my spare time I like to watch TV, "Un posto al sole" is my favoruite fiction ... ahaha and Indian cooking !!!!



1) Which is your favourite place for skiing?
Obviously the Piz Gallin or the Paganella if I want to ski on the track.
2) Which is your specialization?
I do all the specialties but surely long and technical races are my favourite!
3) When and why did you start Skimountaineering?
I started at 20, a little for pleasure and a little because at home we don't talk about anything else ... my dad, who was in the National Team, trains more than us, my brother is in the National Team and my boyfriend has also been in the Team ... and then you must train, if not they leave you at home !!!
4) Do you have a pre- race routine?
No, I'm not superstitious.
5) How many meters of altitude do you do in one season?
Sincerely I don’t know…I’m not so technological!
6) What's in the air?
I have a great goal but it can't be said ... I'd like to continue training while having fun and trying to improve every year more and more !!!


  • 2011 First race in Skimountaineering World Cup
  • 2013 1° Trofeo Mezzalama
  • 2015 3° Adamello Skiraid
  • 2012 e 2016 3° Tour du Rutor
  • 2013 e 2019 2° Pierra Menta

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