Born:8/4/99 RUSSIA

"We must never give up our dreams, as we never know how close we are now to achieve them."



I am Ekaterina Osichkina, a Russian ski-mountaineering and mountain running athlete. I was born and spent the majority of my life in a very far land, Kamchatka peninsula, which is located at the Far East of Russia, where you can ski all year round on the pristine slopes of our volcanoes. However, recently I have moved to Bulgaria to magnificent, surrounded by dazzling mountains of Pirin massif town Bansko, where I feel lots of energy and found perfect conditions for my sport career. I adore doing sport, especially in the mountains, and love the atmosphere of international competitions, which I have started to participate in since 2014. Began at 7 years old with the cross-country ski sport with my favorite and only coach, my mother, then joined a biathlon team and, eventually, became a ski-mountaineering athlete, I think I have found my way and discovered a wonderful World of mountain lovers, friendship, joy, happiness and fun.



1) Which is your favourite place for skiing?
Frankly speaking, I enjoy skiing at any place I can find snow, because, firstly, I like to ski in general and, secondly, every terrain offers us something special: unique views, outstanding relief, pleasant snow conditions. Yet my favorite area for skiing is the astonishing mountains of Pirin massif (Bulgaria).
2) Which is your specialization?
I expect a high competition in the ski-mountaineering coming in several years, when the athletes will have to specialize on particular disciplines, and this I will have to do as well. However, at the moment I prepare for all kinds of races trying to distinguish my favorite one.3) When and why did you start Skimountaineering?
Actually, I have been involved into cross-country ski sport by my darling mother at 7 years old, and at the beginning I was forced to ski and was not happy about that, although I used to have good results. Then, step by step, I have realized a great value and use of the sport and started to enjoy my trainings and competitions. In 2012 I was presented a new sport, the ski-mountaineering, which I have fallen in love with, I believe, from the first sight till the end of my life.
4) Do you have a pre- race routine?
Of course, I have and I always follow the pre-race routine, as it is one of the most important factors of success. In my opinion, every professional athlete possesses a special technique of warm-up, which he or she uses every time and feels calm and confident doing it. As for me, I give a special meaning to the preparation of my racing equipment, especially skis. I am used to do some recovery procedures like contrast shower, self-massage, myofascial release, stretching, aroma therapy, meditation the day (days) before the race.
5) What's in the air?
I strongly wish to develop every particular skill for my best performance in the ski-mountaineering.


  • 2013 First ski-mountaineering competition
  • 2014 First place among cadets in the Individual at the European Championship 2014
  • 2016 First victory in the Individual Race among cadets at the European Championship
  • 2019 3 victories among Juniors at the Wolrd Championship
  • 2020 Two bronze medals in the Espoir at the World Cup 2019-2020


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