Born:9/3/92 FRANCE

"Take time to live and to look around you, don’t be always hurry, and make things you love."



Axelle Mollaret is only 23 years old but has already spent half of her life in the mountains with sealskins under her skis. After discovering cross-country skiing at 11 years, she competed in races up to 15. In ski mountaineering she had their first successes of youth winning the Junior World Cup. At the age of 20 she joined the French ski mountaineering team, thus becoming the youngest athlete on the team. For three years she participated in all stages of the international circuit (World Cup and Grandes Courses). She has risen many times on the podium: Team World Champion, second in the World Cup and second in Pierra Menta are only the latest useful results. When not on skis in the mountains, Axelle works as a physiotherapist in Beaufort, where She has chosen to live.



1) Which is your favourite place for skiing?
Arêches-Beaufort of course!
2) Which is your specialization?
Individual and team races.
3) When and why did you start Skimountaineering?
At 11 years old, to make my father happy ;)
4) Do you have a pre- race routine?
Not really but I like to have some time before the start to prepare correctly without stress.
5) What's in the air?
Take revenge on the 2019-2020 season, and defend my world champion title.


  • 2003 Starting ski mountaineering
  • 2008 First competition
  • 2016 Victory in Pierra Menta
  • 2018 Victory in Pierra Menta
  • 2018 World record on KV
  • 2019 World record on KV
  • 2019 World champion of ski mountaineering
  • 2021 2 Gold Medal in the World Championships


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