Born:4/25/88 AUSTRIA

"There is probably no pleasure equal to the pleasure of climbing a dangerous Alp; but it is a pleasure which is confined strictly to people who can find pleasure in it."

Mark Twain


Born and raised in Innsbruck, in the heart of the Alps, Anna is a passionate climber. Although she is better known for her results in competitions, she really feels at home climbing outdoors. Her parents, both climbers, introduced Anna to rock climbing when she was six years old: at the age of eight she joined a kids climbing group, and competed ever since. Now, after a quarter of a century, Anna has made numerous first female ascents in bouldering from Austria to South Africa, from Scandinavia to the US. She has been on rock climbing trips to Japan, China, the Balkans and lots of other interesting, funny and meaningful places. Looking for something different, Anna stopped competing in the World Cup Circuit in 2017. Now she is eager to push her limits outdoor, be it bouldering, sport climbing or multipitch routes.

Medal table:
22 World Cup victories
2-time World champion
2-time European champion
4 time overall bouldering World Cup winner

Photo credits: Salewa, Alpsolute1, Fichtinger, Storytellerlabs



1) Who is your favorite climbing partner and why?
Obviously, I love climbing with my boyfriend Kilian Fischhuber. We work very well as a team and having your life partner at the other end of the rope is simply beautiful. However, I also enjoy to climb with other women like Babsi Zangerl. We are the same height, have a similar climbing level and it is very special to climb with her, because we share the same beta on almost all the routes we try. Most importantly, we just always have a really good time!
2) Which is the first La Sportiva shoes/boot you used?
I remember when I was around 12 years old ,I received my first “Cobra” shoes from my parents and I instantly loved them!
3) What is your favorite climbing/mountaineering book?
“Climbing Free” by Lynn Hill, because she is an amazing person and so important for climbing in general. Of course she is a big role model for me as a woman, because she pushed this sport to new levels and made a very big impact on women’s climbing.
4) What is the mountain you would like to see at least one time in your life?
Cerro Torre
5) Do you support any cultural project or a charity?
I am an ambassador for “Miteinander am Berg”, which is a charitable club that organizes climbing with refugees in Austria. The goal is to use climbing as a vessel to integrate refugees into Austrian society. Once a year there is a climbing festival and the participants climb once a week with mentors in Vienna.
Please check their website to find out more about this great project:
6) What's in the air?
After all that has happened in 2020 it is very hard to say! All this time at home made me reflect on so many things. I am very glad to have my family, friends and climbing in my life and I am eager to enjoy this sport as much as possible. I am very motivated to climb, whether at home or in another country. Time will tell what future projects will look like. I am just happy and content to be able to climb so much!


  • 1996 Started climbing indoors in Innsbruck’s climbing club with coaches Reini Scherer and Rupi Messner
  • 2004 Vice European Champion bouldering Lecco ITA
  • 2006 1st World Cup victory bouldering Grindelwald/SUI
  • 2019 “Ali Baba” 8a+ multipitch Aiglun FRA, “Cinque Uve” 8c sportclimb Arco ITA, “Wassermusik” 8b+ sportclimb Schleierwasserfall AUT
  • 2020 “La Résistance” 8c route Schleierwasserfall AUT, "Walhalla“ 8b+ sport climb Maltatal AUT

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