Running Christmas Wishlist: here are the La Sportiva Team athletes advice

La Sportiva Team athletes reveal us what they would like to find underneath their Christmas tree, giving us some advice about the perfect Christmas present for all the running lovers!

Christian Varesco, 27 years old, ITA

The perfect gift to find under the Christmas tree? For sure a pair of the new Uragano GTX would make every kid happy. They are a kind of a winter version of the Mutant, which is my favourite model for the competitions during the rest of year, and I always loved how they perform on different grounds. With the addition of GTX membrane, the integrated gaiter and the deep lugs compatible with AT-Grip Spikes, this new winter running weapon represents the perfect gift for a mountain runner lover.

If you’re thinking about a clothing piece, instead, I suggest you the Troposphere long sleeve 2.0. There is no winter able to stop a real runner, but is also true that in order to face the worst conditions, we have to search for the perfect balance between comfort, thermal insulation and sweat control. Since the very beginning, I found this base layer really comfortable and made of the perfect fabrics in order to assure you the best condition during your activities. It is perfect to use alone or in combination with a vest in case of colder conditions.

Giulia Vinco, 27 years old, ITA

Surely, for me La Sportiva will never have any competitors in footwear. I remember when I took part to the Tor Des Geants this summer, I was one of the few who finished the race after 330 km with “saved” feet. No blisters, no pain, everything worked perfectly. Running and mountains are my life, and also during the winter season I would never give up to my usual training routine... And obviously I couldn’t live without my favorite running shoes: for winter I’ve no doubts at all, the Crossover 2.0 are the perfect match between protection - thanks to the integrated gaiter - and grip on icy and snowy grounds. 

The secret to starting a summer season in the best way possible is differentiating your training all year long, and in my winter’s program, I will also dedicate some space for skimountaineering, which is a perfect replacement to winter running. So talking about apparel, I think that the Syborg Racing Pant with the proper Jacket, it would be really the useful and functional combination to found under the Christmas tree.

Georg Piazza, 38 years old, ITA

With the impressive amount of snow of this season’s beginning, if I had to choose my perfect gift for Christmas, I would like the new Uragano GTX. They are really protective and reactive on difficult grounds, and with their good cushioning they represent the perfect fellow for every winter training.

Running in winter season requires always a specific clothing set up, in order to keep your body always in the optimal temperature conditions. For this reason, I really like to use the Argo Pant for my winter runs: they are stretchy and comfortable and thanks to their reflecting details are also perfect for your night-time training sessions.