Urban Zemmer and his Vertical World Record in Fully

The Captain of the Team La Sportiva is the first man to get under the wall 30' on KM Vertical

There are days that write themselves into the history of sport. What happened in Fully on Saturday would have been unthinkable a few years ago; Urban Zemmer, Captain of the La Sportiva Team became the first person ever to complete a vertical kilometre in less than 30 minutes. An amazing achievement for an amateur athlete in his forties, a late comer to sport, who continues to grind out record after record.
29'42 ''. The official race finish time for the Fully KM , this race along side  Chiavenna-Lagunc sets new records almost every year but no athlete had ever managed to finish the race in less than 30 ' minutes.  In second place, Nicola Golinelli, also managed to beat the 2012 record in Zemmer (30'26 '') finishing in 30'25 ''.
The amazing day also saw a new female record set by Christelle Dewalle finishing at  34’44, and two other female athletes also managed to beat their previous records, Francesca Rossi (Team La Sportiva) second place 36’04’’, against Dewalle’s 2012 record of 36’48’’.  A truely amazing season for this athlete from Belluno.
The weather definitely helped, it was quite chilly in Fully (5°C upon arrival) and a number of other factors also contributed to Zemmer’s success, who set out shortly after Marco Moletto who played the part of the “hare” in the race.

In first place Zemmer  29’42’’, ahead of Nicola Golinelli  30’25’’ and the amazing youngster (1995) Swiss skialper Remi Bonnet (30’44’’). Top Ten runners up: Marco Moletto (30’56’’), Martin Anthamatten (31’46’’), Andreas Steindl (31’53’’), Nicola Pedergnana (31’57’’), Marti Werner (32’04’’), Kevin Arrandel (32’04’’) and Jean-Francois Philipot (32’10’’).
On the women’s podium: Christel Dewalle (34’44’’), Francesca Rossi (36’04’’), Viktoria Kreuzer (36’39’’). Fourth Axelle Mollaret. 
The season finished in triumph for the La Sportiva Team, which for the second year running, confirmed its position of world leader in the Vertical speciality. Success and satisfaction for the team in this 2014: Urban Zemmer: 1° Trentapassi – Marone (BS), 3° Vertical World Championships – Chamonix, 1° Cornon Verticale – Tesero (TN), 1° Vertical Crepa Neigra – Canazei (TN), 2° Limone Extreme VK – Limone sul Garda (BS), 1° Vertical Fully. Marco Moletto: 2° Cornon Verticale – Tesero (TN), 1° Vertical Val d’Isere, 3° Vertical Crepa Niegra – Canazei (TN), 2° Latemar VK – Predazzo (TN), 1° Red Bull K3 – Susa (TO), 3° Limone Extreme VK – Limone sul Garda (BS), 4° Vertical Fully. 2° ranking ISF 2014 Nadir Maguet: 5° Transvulcania VK, 3° Cornon Vertical– Tesero (TN), 4° Vertical Val d’Isere, 6° Vertical Crepa Neigra – Canazei (TN), 2° Cervino VK – Cervinia (AO), 1° Gran Sasso Vertical K – Fonte Cerreto (AQ), 3° ° Latemar VK – Predazzo (TN), 6° Lone Peak – Colorado (USA), 5° Limone Extreme VK – Limone sul Garda (BS). 4° Ranking ISF 2014 Nejc Kuhar: 2° Vertical Val d’Isere, 2° Vertical Crepa Neigra – Canazei (TN), 6° Limone Extreme VK – Limone sul Garda (BS). 3° Ranking ISF 2014 Nicola Pedergnana: 1° Orobie Vertical – Valbiondone (BG), 4° Cornon Vertical – Tesero (TN), 1° Latemar VK – Predazzo (TN). Italian Champion Vertical 2014 Marco Facchinelli: 5° Orobie Vertical – Valbiondone (BG), 6° Cornon Vertical – Tesero (TN).  Francesca Rossi: 3° Trentapassi – Marone (BS), 8° Transvulcania VK, 2° Orobie Vertical – Valbiondone (BG), 3° Cornon Vertical  – Tesero (TN), 4° Vertical Val d’Isere, 5° Vertical Crepa Neigra – Canazei (TN), 1° Gran Sasso Vertical K – Fonte Cerreto (AQ), 2° Latemar VK – Predazzo (TN), 4° Limone Extreme VK – Limone sul Garda (BS), 2° Vertical Fully, 4° Ranking ISF 2014 Beatrice Deflorian: 4° Orobie Vertical – Valbiondone (BG), 6° Cornon Verticale – Tesero (TN), 4° Latemar VK – Predazzo (TN) Erika Forni: 4° Trentapassi – Marone (BS), 5° Orobie Vertical – Valbiondone (BG), 5° Cervino VK – Cervinia (AO) Congratulations to all the athletes from the Staff La Sportiva.