Transalpine Run 2014

Tamara Lunger tell us about his victory the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run 2014

I have hardly thought that it´s possible to start at all at Ruhpolding, because Annemarie, my partner, had sprained her ankle a week earlier. And I had knee pain, because I trained just to hard at the biginning after my success on K2. So we decided to hear each other 2 days before the start, and she said: "I do not feel so bad. Of course we start, even if we will arrive only to the first food station!" And then we started. I had also been worried that we will fail, because I had made just 100 kilometers of running after K2, and yes we are not so proper runners, like maybe other participants. After a second place last year. But we decided to give our best and to look from day to day how it goes.   So we started at 9.00 clock on the 30th of August in Ruhpolding. 48.7 km and 1539 positiv meters we had to make. The altitude was ok, but the kilometers were almost unimaginable for me. The weather was bad, we knew nothing about our competitors and so we had nothing to lose and just started the run. It went quite well and the difficult conditions in mud and on slippery surfaces came to us very good. We crossed the finish line, full of mud, and heard that they announced us as the first women's team. Of course we were very surprised. Positive and full of motivation we started on day 2 from St. Johann in Tirol to Neukirchen. Again 49.2 km and 1819 positive meters. The bad thing was, that first we had to run for 30 kilometers almost flat, and we were always slightly behind the German SAUERLAND GORETEX TEAM. We could catch up only on the ascent and colect valuable minutes for the overall ranking At the finish we were already 0:39:16 ahead of the second women's team, which then surprisingly was the TEAM SA Milana - ALARO from Spain and was not like expected, the German women. Day 3 was an alternative route arond Neukirchen, because the weather conditions on the Birnlücke was far from ideal conditions for a race. There we were able to extend our lead again. On the fourth stage, it took us over the snow-covered Bretterscharte at 2500 meters, where we went down to Rain and continue to Ahornach. The arrival was in Campo Tures, where we arrived again with an advantage of 1:23:13 before SAUERLAND GORETEX TEAM. The fifth day was an uphill sprint to the mountain station of the Speikboden where we did not stand on the podium for the first time, because we wanted to safe our energy fort he upcoming 3 days. But in the overall standings we were  still leading. Day 6 we went from Campo Tures to St. Vigil where weh ad to make 2300 positiv meters and 38.5 kilometers. Initially we had to fight hard again and we could distancing our competitors only on the middle station of Plan de Corones. This time we reachd the arrival four minutes before the second team, Schichtl Kathrin and Lehnert Yvonne. TEAM SAUERLAND GORETEX had problems and so we increased our overall lead to 1:38:45. The seventh stage took us 41.8 km and 1950 positiv meters from St. Vigil to Niederdorf. There we were ranked again number 2 behind Schichtel and Lehnert, but built the overall lead still out on 1:57:07. I had much to suffer with my gluteus. The last 10 kilometers were a struggle, but I just had to persevere. The route of the last day was not so difficult, "only" 33.4 km and 1268 positiv, which led us from Niederdorf to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, down to Sesto. Beautiful, but I knew that I really have to suffer, because my pain was not better, and therefore I was glad, that I had the possibility to make some experience in the mountain, where I learned to fight, to persevere and to give everything until the end. Also this day we finished as second team and were leading the overall ranking with 1:51:46, before TEAM THR33KY TRAIL-SQUIRRELS from Germany and TEAM SA Milana - ALARO from Spain. This day I was often close to tears, because I really fought to the last meter. And Annemarie just supported me always very good, we have worked well together and never let us alone, no matter who of us felt not good. A success that I never expected and makes me very happy!   Thanks to my sponsors: The North Face, Gore-Tex, La Sportiva, Garmin, Leki, Dr. Zipe, and Rohner.