Sport climbing still protagonist in Arco with Rock Master Festival 2017

From August 24 to 27, the Italian climbing stadium will be the spectacular stage for a new Rock Master edition: 4 days of pure climbing and fun

The most awaited festival for all vertical enthusiasts and climbing athletes is finally at the door. From August 24 to August 27, 2017, the Rock Master will color Arco with its intense and engaging program of competitions and events.

To open the Festival, on Thursday, 24th, the qualifications of Rock Junior Boulder and Speed, followed by IFSC Lead and Speed World Cup qualifiers, the Oscars night of “Arco Rock Legends”, the Lead and Speed Finals and the core of the Rock Master on Saturday, with KO Boulder & Duel. To end on Sunday, the young climbers will return on the wall with the Rock Junior test, the Kid's Rock and Family Rock dedicated to children and parents.

The Rock Master 2017 is just the latest chapter of a long history of the climbing festival editions, began in 1987 and that now represents the most important sports climbing competition in the world. In the Rock Master main race, the world's top eight Lead World Cup athletes will be on the wall in a series of successive games on two parallel high-difficulty routes. The athlete who comes first to the top, demonstrating tactics, coldness and determination will eliminate his opponent.

Another awaited, though a different challenge, will be held on August 25th with the Arco Rock Legends, which for more than ten years identifies and awards the main protagonists of the vertical world. Three climbing awards include the Wild Country Rock Award for Best Rock Performance, the La Sportiva Competition Award for the athlete who has distinguished itself in the competition, and the Dryarn Climbing Ambassador for Who contributed to the promotion of climbing in the world. This third prize will be delivered, as announced, to Scottish 74-year-old Mike Kosterlitz, a 1970s climber who left an indelible mark on the climbing culture in Italy and the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2016.

On their way to winning the best rock performance, three names of absolute importance: the American climber Margo Hayes, the first female 9 a+ in the world, the Italian Stefano Ghisolfi and Czech Adam Ondra, who already won this award four times.

Looking for the first Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, the La Sportiva Competition Award gives instead the measure of how the racing world is moving and evolving. The three candidates, in this case, are young champions with a very promising future: the 24-year-old British Shauna Coxsey, the 18-year-old Slovenian Janja Garnbret and her 23-year-old Domen Škofič.