Simone Moro: my 8000m mountaineering boots

everything you need to know about the high mountaineering boots used by Simone Moro

Last year together with Simone Moro that was preparing the Nanga Parbat expedition, La Sportiva presented the G2 SM mountaineering boot. The result of thirty years of an high altitude partnership, named with the last winter 8000 summit achieved: Gasherbrum 2 A double layer boot, ultra-thermal and created for extreme mountaineering at 6000 - 7000 metres, perfect for Acclimatization and for prolonged exposure to low temperatures. A boot that combines lightness and warmth in less than 1 kilo, extremely technical thanks to the Boa closure system that Simone used in the most freezing himalayan cold during his second attempt to Nanga Parbat. Thanks to this precious collaboration, G2SM represents the ideal completion of the La Sportiva high mountain line. Today, one year later, the advertising visual used in that situation is actually a celebration of his incredible performance. A summit that made the history of mountaineering, having as its own protagonist Simone Moro: the only high altitude mountaineer to being able to achieved four 8000 first winter ascent. But to go on Nanga Parbat’s top, Simone used a new version of La Sportiva Olympus Mons, the technical Himalayan mountaineering boot that Simone, expedition after expedition, is trying to improve. Thank you again Simone, always together. Always on top!