Advanced skialp: watch the video tutorial series produced by Montagna.TV

After the success of the first season, continues the video tutorial series dedicated to ski mountaineering produced by Montagna.TV in collaboration with La Sportiva. Five episodes to bring the ski mountaineer to deepen the techniques and secrets of the advanced skialp.

The series composed by five episodes, leads the ski mountaineer to deepen the most important issues related to advanced skialp, and to do so, Montagna.TV has decided to bring us to Mont Blanc, where under the watchful eye of the mountain guides Michele Cucchi and Thomas Scalise Meynet, we will face one of the most famous and fascinating ascents of the Alps. 

The first episode will present the area, the activity, clothing, essential equipment, choosing the route and checking the forecasts. Because starting well informed and well equipped, is the best way to tackle a demanding exit like the one presented.

How the production of Montagna.TV underlines, this video series does not replace a technical training course in the field, but only seeks to inspire interest in finding out more about the subject.
In this episode we will look at the ski touring moving on glaciers and the methods for roping together, climbing steep slopes, using ski crampons and crampons.

After reaching the summit, the series stop for a while in order to focus on the safety. The third episode will take a closer look at the physical and technical preparation, and of course at the risk management: because for moving on insidious and dangerous terrain like the mountain in winter, it is necessary to always have a clear idea about how to react to critical cases

The fourth episode of the advanced ski touring video tutorial examines the topic of the descent, which is often considered the “easiest” part, even if it’s not true.  Michele and Thomas will show us how to descend difficult and technical slopes including components of alpinism in safety, trying to minimize the margin of error.

The fifth and last episode of the video tutorial on advanced ski touring, bring us in the warmth atmosphere of the hut, where we will discover a few tricks of the trade. Tricks on how to defend ourselves from cold and to able to face unpredictable events. Tricks to manage our gear and ourselves during long and difficult tours.