Road to Dolomites Skyrace: La Sportiva athletes at the startline

For the 20th anniversary of the iconic Dolomites Skyrace, La Sportiva presents its team for both vertical and sky competitions. At the start line even the 2 times champion Tadei Pivk and “The King” Urban Zemmer


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Dolomites Skyrace, the OC came in with a a lot of important news. Starting from racing days, different from the traditional program, which will be on Friday July 21 with the Dolomites Vertical Kilometer and on Saturday, 22 with Skyrace.

The only-up challenge will bring the competitors from Alba di Canazei to Spiz of Crepa Neigra for a development of 2400 meters and 1015 meters in altitude, while the long race will have a significant initial variation of the track, in memory of the founder of the event, Diego Perathoner.

The new track will be 23.5 km long with a elevation gain of 1950+ meters. A special ranking will be o the Diego Peranother variation will be dedicated a special ranking, reserved for athletes from the pettorale 101 onwards, so not the big ones, with a special prize on. And at the end of the competition celebrations for the twenty years in Piazza Marconi in Canazei with present the winners of past editions and many evening initiatives.

Over the weekend, there will be more than 1,000 sky runners in Val di Fassa facing the two competitions. In addition to the 750 already subscribed this February, there will be also a lack of big stars fighting for the top positions in the standings. National Federations and Teams are sending their membership to the Organizing Committee, starting from the La Sportiva team, historic partner of the event that even this year will try to reach the podium with athletes of absolute caliber. First of all, the winner of the last two editions Tadei Pivk, La Sportiva total look mountain running ambassador starting from this season. Interesting the presence of the vertical race, where are also included the king Urban Zemmer, Slovenian Nejc Kuhar, Luka Kovacic, Nicola Pedergnana, Hannes Perkmann and Patrick Facchini. In the skyrace, Team La Sportiva's top athletes are the Frenchman William Bon Mardion, Nadir Maguet, Piedmontese Paolo Bert, Christian Varesco, and Filippo Beccari, Marco Moletto, Martin Stofner and the female Axelle Mollaret, Lara Mustat, Francesca Rossi, Beatrice Deflorian, Lisa Buzzoni, Chiara Gianola and Norwegian Stine Haustreis.

The athletes from other federations and teams Crazy Idea, a company appearing amongst the supporters of the Fasano event, and the Salomon team, will also be regularized in the coming days.

The event, like all the years, will also have a significant media coverage with two major innovations. The first concerns live streaming of the TTL Live YouTube channel with 8 cameras on the way, also available on the website www.dolomiteskyrace.com, while the second concerns the international distribution of the event on a European sports platform Outside the main national broadcasters.

Stay tuned!