Pierra Menta 2017: Lenzi- Eydallin win for the third time in France.

The first stage of La Grande Course drew to a close with an impressive performance of the La Sportiva athletes: on the podium, together with Damiano Lenzi (first with Matteo Eydallin), even Alexis Sévennec, Michele Boscacci and Nadir Maguet

This Saturday the opener of La Grand Course ended with the lead of Lenzi-Eydallin, Alexis Sevennec, Michele Boscacci and Nadir Maguet, making it an almost all La Sportiva podium.

During the 32nd Pierramenta the four CS Army athletes got to the finish line together. Damiano Lenzi and Matteo Eydallin reached the first position once again, while team La Spo Michele Boscacci-Nadir Maguet got the third place on the overall standing.

The Grand Course took place among the breathtaking views of Areches Beaufort, with 2000 m of positive gradients with more than 5000 spectators.

Lenzi-Eydallin lead the four days of Pierramenta, ending it in 10h23’55’’, followed by Kilian Jornet Burgada-Alexis Sevennec and Michele Boscacci-Nadir Maguet.

On the 4th place, we find Filippo Barazzuol and Valentin Favre, while the 5th position has been conquered by Laspo team captain Bon Mardion and Gachet. Filippo Beccari closes the top ten with French Perillat Pessey.

Women confirmed the prognosticated raking: first position for Emelie Forsberg and Laetitia Roux (13h18’30’’) and second for Swiss Jennifer Fiechter and Séverine Pont Combe, completing the podium with Axelle Mollaret and Lorna Bonnel.

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