Outdoor variations: from the playgrounds to the mountains with Aquila Basket Trento

The outdoor partnership between La Sportiva and the premier team from Trento continues

The concept of outdoor sports, is by nature extremely vast and intriguing. It includes traditional outdoor disciplines such as mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, hiking, but also those disciplines that find their more genuine and natural collocation, in contexts that are not immediately associated with the idea of outdoor.  Such is the case of basketball, a team sport that is often practiced indoors but which finds its more fascinating dimensions on courts around the world, from the streets of the big American cities, to the highest mountain peaks, where it is not uncommon to find a basketball net hanging from a tree, or located somewhere in a park. Outdoor sports know no limits, neither mental nor geographical and often blend in to fit the surrounding territory. Through this awareness comes the partnership between La Sportiva, the brand from Trentino, world leader in the production of outdoor footwear and apparel, and Aquila Trento Basketball, a basketball team that plays in the Italian premier league and whose strong bond with the Trentino territory is also expressed through local charity events and eco-sustainability activities. The team’s partnership with La Sportiva further enhances their commitment to the local community, as they become ambassadors of the Trentino brand through their players. For the second year in a row the collaboration between the two companies from Trentino continues with the aim of expressing the different ways of exploring the outdoors through a new language, using La Sportiva products that range from hiking and trail running shoes, perfectly suitable for basketball players too, during their excursions or workout sessions in the mountains, through to the summer and winter clothing line, created to protect against the elements, but also to communicate their belonging to a territory and to a lifestyle that has always been strongly linked to the mountains. A lifestyle that is finely expressed in the pictures taken during a photo shooting in the Valle di Fiemme by Federico Modica, with the kind participation of basketball players, Trent Lockett, Johan Löfberg and Luca Lechthaler, all three coming from countries where the outdoors is, by all effects, a lifestyle: Minnesota (USA), Sweden and ... Trentino! Lechthaler in particular is a frequent visitor to the mountains and thanks to the team at La Sportiva he was able to see his dreams come true.  The specially made pair of Nepal Evo GTX boots, size 52, allows him to move safely on glaciers and trails during his mountain tours in the summer months while far from the basketball pitch. Basketball, mountaineering and outdoors: apparent contrasts that find harmony in an outdoor lifestyle that is suitable for everyone.