Nadir Maguet and Michele Boscacci, a video that talks about being a ski mountaineer

La Sportiva presents a new video about skimountaineering and skimountaineers's values. featuring the ambassadors Michele Boscacci and Nadir Maguet and their constant and meticulous endeavour to find the "perfect season"

For La Sportiva, ski mountaineering means many things.

It is much more than just trying to produce the lightest ski boot on the market, winning races or breaking records.  When it comes to ski mountaineering, we are talking, above all, about people and the deep connection that binds this incredible sport to the unique environment that makes it possible. Ski mountaineering is about dedication, courage and both mental and physical strength.  Without any one of these things the race would not be won, records would not be broken and a company would not be able to continue to develop cutting-edge products.

When we talk about ski mountaineering we refer to many different things that have been carefully collected and narrated by Matteo Pavana during the last ski mountaineering season, when he followed Michele Bosacci and Nadir Maguet from the European Championships on Mount Etna to the La Grande Course from Zermatt to Berbier, in their constant and meticulous endeavour to find the perfect season.  With great care and attention, Pavana watched things develop over time, adapting to various situations and the end result is a video that in a few minutes manages to tell with extreme clarity what forms the basis of ski mountaineering, an individual sport, with strong team camaraderie. 

The two La Sportiva athletes, who are both part of the C.S. army, talk about how their relationship is first personal than competitive, while allowing the fraternal friendship to transpire with sincerity in each glance.  Rivalry does not entail lack of respect for one’s opponent nor prevent you from rejoicing in seeing him reach the top step of the podium.

These are the emotions that ski mountaineering is made of and this is what our story is all about.

Now sit back and enjoy while a very special thanks goes to these incredible athletes whose passion for their sport defines the true essence of being a sportsman.