My Trango Tower Story: to the discovery of the Norwegian Steigen region with Hendrik Morkel

La Sportiva #MyTrangoTower adventures go ahead with the story of Hendrik Morkel. Popular blogger from Finland, this summer spent some interesting days visiting the Steigen Region of Norway, where together with some friends accomplished the Nordskottraversen ridge traverse.

If you never have heard of the Nordskottraversen you will be easily forgiven - also I didn’t know about it until I visited the Steigen Region of Norway in late August. Then it is hard to not know about it anymore: When you approach the tiny fishing village of Nordskot you pass the mountain massive from the south and see this huge grey slab that culminates in a shallow, “U”-shaped ridge. Right then and there I know I had to do the traverse of it, come what may.

The Nordskottraversen is an easy ridge walk with great views towards the Lofoten Peninsula - if the weather cooperates. In the morning as we started from Manshausen Island it was still dry and even the sun came out here and there, and even when we were standing on the summit of Sørskottinden, the summit before the traverse, the weather still looked alright. That changed pretty quickly once we were down on the ridge: Slowly I saw how the clouds & rain moved in from the ocean towards us, first hiding the islands, then the summit of Sørskottinden and soon us. Surrounded by a grey wall with rain coming from every side there was nothing left to do than pull the hood over our helmets and continue towards the end!

There were slippery down climbs, lots of laughs and shared chocolate as we continued towards the end of the ridge. At one section we were standing on just a foot-wide sliver of dirt above a 70 m drop - good thing we didn’t see too much of it because of the clouds! As the rain intensified, so did the steepness of the traverse - and then we were standing on the final summit of the traverse, the rain hitting us hard as we prepared for the final abseil and descent.

We extended our adventure a bit by bushwhacking across the mountain down to the shore, so that we ended up in a narrow gully with a little stream. We slid down the mountain, holding on to gnarly birch trees, jumping from mossy boulder to mossy boulder and hiked through bilberry bushes until we happily arrived at the shore where our ride back to the island was already waiting. We smiled, shared some more chocolate and were very happy that a warm sauna was waiting for us after this memorable adventure on the Nordskottraversen!

The Gear
Right about down the gully and bushwhacking through the underbrush I was very happy to wear the Trango Tower GTX boots as I still had dry feet after all the rain and hiking through the little stream. The sole gave good grip on the muddy sections and the granite alike, while the weight was reasonably low for such boot that even after such a long day on the mountain I still felt good. The climbing zone of the sole was useful during the numerous small up and down climbs, so that I think this boot will come in handy also during future adventures!

About the Author: Hendrik Morkel, is the author of the popular outdoor blog “Hiking in Finland”. A European by heart he lives since 2002 in Finland, though his parents are Dutch & German. Hendrik started his blog in the spring of 2009, after reading many interesting outdoor blogs and being inspired by them. Seeing that there was no blog about backpacking in Finland which is in English, he took the duty upon myself to present this beautiful country and show what it has to offer to backpackers, climbers, bikepackers, skiers, cyclists and packrafters. Read about his adventures in Scandinavia and the rest of the world, on his blog: hikinginfinland.com