La Sportiva Mountain Running: the web-series

In a 3 episode, web-series, La Sportiva, brand leader in the Outdoor sector from Ziano di Fiemme tells the story of the Mountain Running line, born in the Dolomites.

There are some outdoor stories that cannot be described through a simple press release but deserve to be narrated with due care and attention.
This is the case of La Sportiva’s “Mountain Running” collection that includes technical footwear and clothing for mountain running in all its forms (sky, trail, vertical).Three new episodes of the video storytelling entitled "La Sportiva Mountain Running” provide an exclusive, behind-the-scenes special as the doors to La Sportiva’s Research and Development labs in Ziano di Fiemme are opened, providing an insight to where the brand’s footwear  models are conceived, developed and prototyped.

What goes into the making of a mountain running shoe, what is the role of the designer and how important is the contribution provided by race athletes? How is the perfect race outfit created? Where does the inspiration and entrepreneurial courage come from? What is the link betweenthe territory, the company and the competitions that characterize the Dolomites and make them the “cradle of skyrunning”?

Passion and innovation have been the core values of the company since 1928, values that result in the daily challenge to constantly provide the market with innovative products. La Sportiva became famous in the 70s for its climbing shoes and ski mountaineering boots, then later in the 90s for its Mountain Running Line (The term “mountain running” is actually a brand registered by the company) thanks to the launch of the first products dedicated for moving quickly in the mountains, deriving from the know how matured in the field of technical footwear for hiking and climbing. Soles, compounds, uppers, breathability and protection are the basic ingredients of a mountain product that La Sportiva has been able to convey over the years in the other sectors including running and off-road running.

In the first episode of the 3 part mini-series, Lorenzo Delladio, CEO of La Sportiva and Giulia Delladio, a member of the fourth generation, open the doors of the factory in Ziano di Fiemme to explain how the R&D lab and the athletes work together in close contact with the surrounding territory which provides a perfect test-field prior to the market launch.
Featuring: the Italian skyrunning team athlets.


In the second episode we will discover the connection with the surrounding territory and we will discover how the first Dolomite skyrace came to be, the Spanish Mountain Running Team will also meet the Italian team in Valle di Fiemme on the occasion of the Stava Mountain Race .La Sportiva Mountain Running, the web series, enjoy!