La Sportiva Living Legends

From Scandinavia to Austria and then to the United States , La Sportiva and Epic TV take you on a journey to discover some different ways of living and being climber, going beyond the competition to tell what makes today a climbing legend.

On the run-up to the legendary boulder contest which on Saturday 26 November in Stockholm will go headed with its sixth edition, La Sportiva is going to celebrate the new "legends only", trying to reveal something more about its “Living Legends”, along with Epic TV.

Anthony, Paige, and Jakob: Travellers, eclectic climbers always curious to experiment.
Athletes that love challenges, to test their skills, climbing and its essential lifestyle.
Climbers whom from the gym to the rocks have been able to build their own identity in a world that is often hard to break in, becoming benchmarks and inspiration for those who maybe one day will become the legends "of tomorrow"

Retracing the stages of their different careers and observing the evolution, we choose to talk to some of the main La Sportiva ambassadors asking them to tell something more about their selves, giving the chance to who perhaps knows them better than anyone as friends, coaches, teammates, to add their own thoughts.

The result are three video portraits, each one able to reveal something more about people who not only did the climbing history, but that surely will have much more to write about it:

Three minutes, three videos, one story.
Three talents, three stories, one passion: climbing.
Enjoy the view