La Sportiva meets Barbara Zangerl for the third episode of the “Strange Heroes” series

For all the fans of the "Strange Heroes" miniseries, a special Christmas present is coming: after meeting Jacopo Larcher and Patxi Usobianga, get ready to know the fears and motivation of our beloved Babsi Zangerl

The company of Ziano di Fiemme goes ahead with the webseries that, episode after episode, aims to find out what constantly pushes climbers in the constant search for overcoming their limits. The series, created in collaboration with the Sfelab creative studios, is a combination of computer graphics, comic strips and vertical stories of unparalleled appeal and allows La Sportiva to drive straight to the heart of the climber discovering the monster within, which personifies the motivation that encourages climbers to constantly improve their performance, the driving force that allows them to reach beyond limits.

After seeing the fears of Jacopo Larcher take the shape of a monstrous octopus, and Patxi Usobiaga turn into a gladiator to win the challenge with himself and conquer his hardest route, now it's time to find out what holds the unstoppable Babsi Zangerl.

If after her latest success on El Capitan you thought that nothing could frighten the daring Austrian climber, maybe you were wrong. As we know, the way to success is long and full of pitfalls, and it is exactly in this moment that training, both physical and mental, becomes the key to overcoming any difficulty, climbing as well as in life.

A fun web series, with a very serious message, strong visuals and careful attention paid to every detail, as in the previous web series created by the Sfelab studios: “How No-Edge Changed My Life”. All strictly, Made in Italy.

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The protagonist: Barbara Zangerl

Born in Bludenz, Austria, on May 24th, 1988, Barbara started climbing when she was only 14 when her brother took her to the gym for the first time. After discovering the beauty of climbing outdoor, Babsi dedicated the first part of her career to bouldering, constantly traveling in search of new problems to solve. In 2009, however, a herniated vertebral disc forces her to stop, and the discipline that had first made her famous, became only a memory. There was too much strain on her disc, especially when jumped down from a boulder, so the 21-year-old climber started approaching to sport climbing, discovering in it a new passion.
In her palmares, Barbara Zangerl can now boast titles of enormous prestige, as the first 8b boulder ever climbed by a woman, and the first female ascents of Alpine Trilogy and Prinzip Hoffnun. Recetly moreover, Barbara reached a great success in trad climbing where, together with her partner Jacopo Larcher, she has ascended El Nino (2015), Zodiac (2016) and Magic Mushroom (2017) on El Capitan, Yosemite Valley.