La Sportiva in collaboration with the Samuele Social Cooperative launches the "Green" sustainable accessories

One Man's Waste is Another Man's Treasure, in other words, something that one person considers worthless may be considered valuable by someone else.

One Man's Waste is Another Man's Treasure, in other words, something that one person considers worthless may be considered valuable by someone else. This is the eco sustainable concept behind the special “Green” accessories line designed by the Samuele Social Cooperative in Trento in collaboration with the AleDima design studio. This line has now become even more important thanks to the collaboration with La Sportiva.   The brand from Ziano di Fiemme, world leader in the outdoor sector, has welcomed the “Green” project promoted by the Samuele Social Cooperative and together with the AleDima studio they have created a line of La Sportiva branded accessories made from ext made exclusively from end of series and/or production waste leather deriving from the various phases of production.  The waste  leather is combined with unique, artisan care, to create a new eco-sustainable product.  This line is produced by the Samuele Social Cooperative , based in Trento ( Trentino).  The company promotes environmental and social sustainability, offering customized vocational training courses and important professional opportunities through the design, assembly and production of leather goods that make up the “Green” line. Shoulder bags, calendars, key rings and beauty casesthese are the exclusive accessories in the Green Line that Samuele dedicates to La Sportiva and that can now be found for sale in the official La Sportiva store in Ziano di Fiemme and Cavalese.  These products are entirely handmade re-using only raw materials from the company’s former production cycle , working to minimize the production of scraps and in respect of the surrounding environment that is a constant source of inspiration for the company, world leader in the field of technical mountaineering footwear and clothing.



The addition of La Sportiva branded accessories belonging to the Samuele social cooperative’s ” Green” line, is one of the environmental practices adopted by La Sportiva to minimize the company’s environmental impact: a responsibility strongly felt within the company, and which through a series of low environmental impact production methods and processes and ISO certifications, places priority on the relationship with the environment by seeking  an eco-friendly approach whenever possible. In 2003 La Sportiva introduced the ISO 14001 environmental certification, a system that can track each single, environmental features of the company: from the production phase in Ziano di Fiemme, to third party manufacturers or suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products. Moreover, the certification system requires the constant pursuit for self- improvement in all sectors including the environmental field: a commitment  that led the company to adopt solutions such as the use of  active carbon filtration plants, the use of water-based adhesives and the recovery of more than 50% of production waste, arising from production, a figure that is currently increasing  thanks to the project developed in collaboration with the Samuele Social Cooperative. Since 1928, the company's mission has been “innovate with passion” which necessarily brings with it the concept of environmental and social sustainability expressed today through the line of Samuele accessories: unique, handmade, sustainable.  For more information  about La Sportiva’s, Samuele ” Green” products:

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