La Sportiva: awarded the RadicalGreen National Award for the sustainable development

In the presence of Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, last March 16 La Sportiva was awarded the RadicalGreen Prize, promoted by Green Week and reserved for companies that work daily in the development of sustainable products and processes.

From March 13th to 18th, Trento became the National capital of sustainable economy, hosting the third edition of Green Week, an event promoted by the Symbola Foundation, ItalyPost, the Municipality of Trento, The University of Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation, the Edmund Mach Foundation, MUSE –  Science Museum and Trentino Sviluppo, under the patronage of the Autonomous Province of Trento and in collaboration with the European Commission.  

Thousands of young people took part in the various activities promoted by Green Week, getting to know some of the most innovative companies in the area and talking part in the numerous events and workshops that animated the city of Trento over the weekend.

An extremely popular event was the meeting with Prime Minister Paolo Gentilone on the theme of “the Green economy and the recovery of the Nation” which ended with the awarding of the RadicalGreen prize to the five major players in the Italian sustainable industry, among which also La Sportiva.

Every year, Green Week gives recognition to  virtuous companies that constantly work towards the  development of sustainable products and processes.  But the Radical Green National Award is above all an opportunity to listen to the voice of these entrepreneurs and their experience: how the environmental challenge turns into processes of industrial culture and technological innovation.

La Sportiva, world leader in the production of climbing shoes and boots for high altitude mountaineering, celebrates its 90th birthday this year just a few steps away from where, in 1928, the first hand-made shoes were made by shoemaker Tesero Narciso Delladio.

Still today 100% owned by the Delladio family, the company has always kept its headquarters in Val di Fiemme, at the foothills of the Dolomites and far from the big Italian footwear industrial areas, operating and developing in full respect of the environment that hosts them. 

«For our business, the values of sustainability are fundamental for the good functioning and credibility of the company towards customers, suppliers and more generally, towards the entire economic context in which we operate.», says Lorenzo Delladio, managing director and president of  La Sportiva, receiving the award  .  «To be sustainable is a competitive advantage for us that we translate operationally into productive choices and behaviour towards all our stakeholders”.

Together with La Sportiva, four other companies were awarded the Radical Green Prize: Lurisia, Manteco, Sofidel, Berto Salotti. An Honourable mention instead, went to Paolo Verri and Matera 2019-European Capital of Culture.