La Sportiva and Polygiene running weekend

At the end of the running draw promoted by La Sportiva and Polygiene this summer, the lucky winners joined the La Spo team for a two-day outdoor experience in the Italian Dolomites.

To them, it was enough to put a small check mark after purchasing on the website www.lasportiva.com to win three unforgettable days in Val di Fiemme with La Sportiva.

The time of a click, and Paolo and Andrea, have come to prepare their luggage for living an unforgettable outdoor experience in the Dolomites, promoted in collaboration with Polygiene in order to “Save your time for the Dolomites”

This was in fact the name of the contest and the call from both the brands to wash less, reduce consumption and dedicate more time to our favourite outdoor activities thanks to the Polygiene’s odor free garment technology which allows to “Wear More and Wash Less” (discover more on the website!)

"I had the pleasure and the honour of being a guest of La Sportiva at the end of October, and visiting the company headquarters set in the amazing setting of the Val di Fiemme" says Andrea, first winner of the draw "Being in close contact with the staff and get a closer look to this reality was truly a unique experience, especially for people like me who love the mountains and are fans of this brand. Visiting the factory and being able to see the single production steps up close, has allowed me to understand and appreciate the great work and quality that lies behind every single product. "

After visiting the production site of Ziano di Fiemme, where thousands of skilfully hand-crafted shoes are produced every year, the winners get the chance to test the quality of products in the field running in a Vertical Kilometer competition together with the athletes of the La Sportiva team.
"Taking part to my first vertical race with an athlete by my side was very exciting." continues Andrea. "This event allowed me to meet authentic and passionate people like me who love sport, nature and mountains."

The race in question is the Scaldagambe, a traditional non-competitive race in Val di Fiemme that closes the summer season, in which athletes and running enthusiasts compete together on a 4.5km track with 900mt of gain in altitude, mandatory in pairs of two.

"With Paolo, which is an Olympic athlete, I immediately found a good feeling that I never thought of. Probably, it was thanks to the "mountain mood" which is able to bring two worlds (mine and his) together even if they’re really different from each other. " Remember instead Paolo, second winner of the contest that competed together with the athlete Paolo Longo “Being so far from the mountaineering of heavy backpacks that I’m used to and find myself into the world of fast heartbeat and competition was exciting, and I’ve also appreciate the crowd cheering me across the track and Paolo, who keep on pushing me interchanging the top athlete at the good brother. After a very long series of “we’re almost done”, we reached the marvellous finish line on Monte Cornon. "

Sunday, final day of the running weekend promoted by La Sportiva and Polygiene, was dedicated to the running products test, an opportunity to understand the characteristics that differentiate any style and steal valuable advices from the most experienced athletes.

"The chance of doing this kind of gear test, having available different models of shoes and letting yourself be guided by the advices of Michele and Paolo, athletes and testers of the La Sportiva team, made me discover the little secrets that hide behind the choice of the perfect shoe. " Andrea claims " Everything, of course, running up and down trails now steep and now flat. The colors around were wonderful, the autumn’s air was fresh and fragrant. " Adds Paolo " I confess I would not want to leave! "

An intense weekend full of all the values that La Sportiva wants to represent, like respect and love for nature, team spirit and the desire to have fun doing outdoor sports.
A weekend, which has been transformed into a unique experience full of fun, won in the time of a click but that will remain impressed much longer in the memory of those who have lived it.