Helios' Fly-Effect: incredibile lightness!

We present you Helios: the crazy light shoe dedicated to the off-road runners and for training sessions

Helios is a comfortable trail running shoe with an extremely casual look, designed for leisure and short distance off-road tracks. The lightweight (only 230 grams), highly breathable uppers feature an internal “slip-on” construction which braces the foot without constricting movement. This allows the wearer to slip on the shoe without lacing, a bonus for the freetime user. The toe and heel are covered with a protective coating, and high frequency reinforcements at the lacing point creates perfect distribution of tension during training sessions. Helios features the MorphoDynamic technology that allows the boot to adapt to changing terrain conditions. Breathable, lightweight and comfortable: all rolled into one Helios. Wear it to feel the Helios' Fly-Effect! Click here to get more info.